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Maxphotonics is the first and only enterprise that localizes both techniques (the fiber laser and optical passive components) and realizes the vertical integration of them, and has involved in the R&D and manufacturing field of fiber laser and optical passive components for more than ten years.

The average power of acousto-optic adjustable Q pulse laser series of Maxphotonics can achieve as high as 100W, and the power and single pulse capacity of pulse width adjustable MOPA fiber laser, respectively, 100W and 20,000W, which have all reached the leading level worldwide. Besides, the power of the continuous fiber laser and wholly-originated M-QBH output connector respectively reach 1,000W and 20,000W.

At present, among the high power core components of all fiber lasers, the most expensive FOI (fiber optic isolator) in unit cost, acousto-optic Q switches, the composite transmission of optical fiber, reflector and closed beam splitter, they are all wholly originated and the performances have reached the world-leading level.