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Maxphotonics devoted itself to offer high performance, top quality and most cost effective fiber laser source and optical components integration solution, to offer the most professional and perfect service all over laser field globally, Currently, Maxphotonics' sales and service network covers more than 20 countries and regions, such as Asia, Europe, America, Middle-East etc, Maxphotonics owns MaxPluse Series Acousto-optic Q-switched Pulse Fiber laser, MaxMOPA Series Pulse Width Tunable Fiber Laser, MaxSC Series Single Mode Continuous Wave(CW) Fiber Laser, MaxMulti-mode Continuous Wave(CW) Fiber Laser four series major fiber laser products and Pump Diode, Opto-isolator, Combiner, AOM(acoustic optical modulator ), High power Collimator, FBG(fiber brag grating), QBH Output, Mode Stripper etc

Maxphotonics has 50,000 square meters modern industrial park in it's Shenzhen headquarter, 9000 square meters class 1000 clean room factory and more than 1000 employees. It's core R & D group was formed by several experienced laser industry post-doctor & doctor from abroad , and many domestic high-level, highly educated research and development staff. In order to meet the needs of company's rapid development, Maxphotonics post  200 million in the establishment of China's largest laser pump division and increase the investment in R&D of the core optic component, fiber laser source and the production hardware equipment. In 2015, national academician Lin Zunqi, a leading authority in fiber laser industry joined in Maxphotonics, and the academician workstation led by Mr.Lin brings lasting  laser industry technology competitiveness to Maxphotonics.