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Wholesale Smart Q-switched Metal and Plastic Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine

Brief Introduction: Smart Laser machine is one of Maxphotonics’ high sophisticated products with many advantages such as small volume light weight, highly integration, powerful functions, energy saving and environmental protection and son on. Its appearance perfectly explains Maxphotonics...

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Product Details

Basic Info:

Model No.: MFS-20Power :10w/20w/30wLaser Source:Maxphotonics
Origin:ShenzhenPackage:Carton or Wooden casePayment:T/T in Advance
Apllicable:MetalLead Time:7-15 Working daysWarranty:2 years
TrademarkMaxCertificateISO:9001:2008/CE/FDAHS code8456100090

Brief Introduction:

Smart Laser machine is one of Maxphotonics’ high sophisticated products with many advantages such as small volume light weight, highly integration, powerful functions, energy saving and environmental protection and son on.

Its appearance perfectly explains Maxphotonics innovation-driven, concordance to win strategy, The same revolutionary significance to exploit high-speed and high –definition laser marking system to welcome the booming market.

Products features:

Fiber laser life as long as 120000 Hours

Fine Marking effect with a high speed and high precision

Can continuous working for 24 hours with high stability

The most hot sales laser marking machine

Maintenance Free and cost-effective

Easy and safe operation

Product Specification:

Model No.MFS-10MFS-20
PC includes or notNot includes PC
Laser Source
MAX SeriesPulsed, High Energy Ytterbium Fiber Lasers
Mode of operationPulsed
Nominal average output power10w20W
Central emission wavelength:1060-1070 nm ,Q-switched operation Output power
adjustment range 10%-100%
Emission Bandwidth (FWHM)<10 nm
Long-term average power instability<5%
Pulse width, (FWHM)100 ns
Laser switching ON time110 us
Laser switching OFF time110 us
Pulse Repetition Rate* kHz20-80 kHz
Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)0.8-1 mJ
Typical beam quality, M2<2.0
Output fiber delivery length1.9/2.5/3m
Operating voltage:220V
Max. Power consumption:600W
Min.Line Width0.01
Repeatition Accuracy0.002
Laser system
Scanning Speed:0-7000mm/s
Marking Speed:0-5000mm/s
Marking size:160*160mm (F-theta 160)
Spot size:40 micron (F-theta 160)
Cooling unit:Air cooled
Pilot laser:650nm diode laser, visible red light for marking guide
Continuous working time:16h
Humidity:45~85% (no condensation)
Operating temperature:0~40℃
Control unitsMaxmarking (English Version)

(All parameters is believed to be accurate and is subject to change without notice.)

Applications of laser engraver :

Widely used marking on stainless steel, high-grade steel, steel, Carbon steel, Copper, Iron, ferrous metals, Magnesium, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium.

Plastics: Rubber, Bakelite, PVC, Styrene, Kevlar, PE.

Packaging Details:

Size:Two Package :70*50*32cm(20kg), 53*34*21cm (7kg)
Package:The normal package is carton or fumigated wooden box(Size: L*W*H)

Maxphotonics company introduction:

Maxphotonics, established in 2004 in Shenzhen-one of the most energetic and creative city in China, we are a major

professional leading developer and manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical passive device, and the first and only 

high-tech enterprise in China to localize two core technologies and have more than ten years of experience in designing 

and manufacturing customized fiber lasers for major national and international projects.

Its low cost and high performance on the products have gained consistent recognition among our customers and greatly 

improve production efficiency and customization.

Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various laser equipment which is of high quality, high speed, high power and high performance. If you are looking for wholesale smart q-switched metal and plastic fiber laser marking engraving machine, we must be your best choice as we now have such product for sale. Welcome to get low cost small, portable, mini or desktop equipment service at competitive price with us.