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2 Years Warranty Maxphotonics 500w Cutting Laser Source Fiber Laser Generator For Cutting Machines

2 Years Warranty Maxphotonics 500w Cutting Laser Source Fiber Laser Generator For Cutting Machines

Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various laser equipment which is of high quality, high speed, high power and high performance. If you are looking for high precision laser cutting machine, we must be your best choice as we now have such product for sale....

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Product Details

Product Description:

MFSC 500W Single-Mode CW fiber laser,based on modular design,has excellent beam quality and high stability,which structure is compact and air cooling.The laser can be adjusted continuously,and the beam is transmitted be fiber and QBH connector,which is ideal for laser cutting,laser welding,etc .

Main Features:

1.Smaller focus spot, cutting line finer, more productive, better processing quality

2.2 times of same power CO2 laser cutting machine

3.Adopt the world's top fiber laser, with stable performance and service life of key components of is up       to 100,000 hours

4.High electro-optical conversion efficiency: fiber laser cutting machine electro-optic conversion     efficiency is three times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine, energy conservation and environmental    is eco-friendly

5.Lower cost: the machine power consumption is only 20-30% of similar CO2 laser cutting machine

6.Extreme low maintenance cost: no laser working gas, optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens,     can save lots of maintenance cost

7.Optical fiber transmission, do not need to adjust the light path

8.Super flexible light effect: small size, compact structure, optical fiber transmission, it makes flexible            manufacturing requirements more easy to reach.

Technical Parameters:



Laser cutting: is the process of cutting a material using a laser beam. This can be done to either trim down a material or to help cut it into a more complex shape that more conventional methods would struggle with or even find impossible.


Application Industry:

Maxphotonics Fiber Laser is widely used in hardware, precise machinery, automobile components, household appliance, precision cutting, medical equipment, instrument and other metal related industry. It can carry on non-contact cutting metal sheet, pipe, especially for stainless steel, steel plate, diamond saw blades and other metal materials, it has excellent processing for the various high brittle hard alloys. In the lines of hardware and metal sheet industries, laser cutting technology can be partially replace the line cutting.

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Used to cut a variety of thin sheet metal professional, high quality cutting 0.1~3mm carbon steel plate, 0,1~2mm stainless steel plate, can also be cutting galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate and other metal materials.

metal cutting.jpgmetal cutting 0.jpg

Maxphotonics is a major professional leading developer and manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical passive device, and the first and only high-tech enterprise in China to localize two core technologies and have more than14 years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized fiber lasers for major national and international projects.

Since 2004, Maxphotonics established and applied 190 domestic and overseas patents, 20 copyrights. Successively obtains” Pilot 100 Youth Leading Company”, “2016 Guangdong Patent Gold Awards”,” 2018 China Laser Industry Influence Enterprise Award”. Maphotonics has achieved domestic leading position of mass productive fiber laser source and optical device, and worldwide leading advantage of some laser device.

Maxphotonics devoted itself to offer high performance, top quality and most cost effective fiber laser source and optical components integration solution, to offer the most professional and perfect service all over laser field globally, Currently, Maxphotonics' sales and service network covers more than 20 countries and regions, such as Asia, Europe, America, Middle-East etc, Maxphotonics owns MaxPluse Series Acousto-optic Q-switched Pulse Fiber laser, MaxMOPA Series Pulse Width Tunable Fiber Laser, MaxSC Series Single Mode Continuous Wave(CW) Fiber Laser, MaxMulti-mode Continuous Wave(CW) Fiber Laser four series major fiber laser products and Pump Diode, Opto-isolator, Combiner, AOM(acoustic optical modulator ), High power Collimator, FBG(fiber brag grating), QBH Output, Mode Stripper etc. which are widely used in Communication Industry, motor, 3D-Printing, Photovoltaic Industry, electric appliance, the aerospace industry,etc.In recent 3 years , We are the NO.1 laser supplier in delivery of global  pulse fiber laser market.

Maxphotonics has 50,000 square meters modern industrial park in it's Shenzhen headquarter, 9000 square meters class 1000 clean room factory and more than 1000 employees. It's core R & D group was formed by several experienced laser industry post-doctor & doctor from abroad , and many domestic high-level, highly educated research and development staff.




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