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New Mopa Fiber Laser Generator for Laser Black Marking (MFPT-20)

New Mopa Fiber Laser Generator for Laser Black Marking (MFPT-20)

Fiber Laser, Mopa, Laser Generator manufacturer / supplier in China, offering New Mopa Fiber Laser Generator for Laser Black Marking, 10W Smart Fiber Laser Marker, Laser Engraver, Marking Machine, 10W 20W Plastic Metal Pulsed Laser Source and so on.

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Maxphotonics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various laser equipment which is of high quality, high speed, high power and high performance. If you are looking for new mopa fiber laser generator for laser black marking (mfpt-20), we must be your best choice as we now have such product for sale. Welcome to get low cost small, portable, mini or desktop equipment service at competitive price with us.

Quick Detail:

Place of Origin:
Shenzhen, China (mainland)Brand Name:Maxphotonics
Model Type:
Laser SourceFiber laserOperation Voltage:24VDC
Certificate:ISO 9001:2008、CE、FDA、EMC
Warranty:2 years

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Detail:
Carton box or Wooden case for optional
Delivery Detail:2 weeks after receiving the payment 

New Mopa Fiber Laser Generator for Laser Black Marking (MFPT-20)

Description of MOPA laser:

MFPT 10~100W Fiber Laser for Laser engraving

Brief introduce of MOPA Fiber Laser
The technology favors the OEM integrators to implement flexible control over the pulse width and peak power in various application environments. The unique feature of this technology not only holds the lead of the index of repetition frequency, but also can provide stable peak power threshold value for users' application. Owing to its high repetition frequency and plug-and-play characteristics, this product can be used in high-speed module marking and graphics marking. The DC-driving OEM fiber laser module which is easy to be integrated, combined with the optical laser control card, makes this laser match all kinds of laser equipment.

Main Features:

Up to 20W/28KW,30W/33KW,50W/50KW
Minimum frequency: 25KHZ~50KHZ
Maximum frequency:500~1000KHZ
Operating modes: pulse
Adjustable Pulse Width:(5-20ns)~250ns
Maximum peak power covers the entire operating range
Laser output light isolation
High reliability/repetitive/Stability of the design
Air cooling design
DB25 interface control mode

Parameters Information:

Central Emission Wavelengthnm1064±41064±41064±41064±41064±41064±41064±41064±4
Average Output Powerw5102020305070100
Single Pulse EnergymJ0.5~0.60.5~0.60.5~0.60.670.8~1.00.8~1.00.8~1.00.8~1.0
Beam Quality
Beam Diametermm6~96~96~96~96~96~96~96~9
Power Reliability%<5<5<5<5<5<5<5<5
Pulse Widthns4~2604~2604~2602004~2604~2604~2604~260
Output Power Tunability%5~1005~1005~1005~1005~1005~1005~1005~100
Working VoltageVDC24242424242424220VAC
Power ConsupmtionW(20℃)80100120120140160180250
Fiber Lengthm1.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.51.9~3.5
Air CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingWater Cooling

(All parameters is believed to be accurate and is subject to change without notice.)

Remarks:MFPT-20 is specializing the higher requirements of deep engraving,it has the following advantages comparing with other MOPA products

1.Higher peak prower(>16KW).
2.Larger pulse energy.

Applications of MOPA laser:

3,Typical Applications, Ceramic, plastic keys and metal marking,Deep carving,Engraving Scribing, Laser Peeling,Processing of silicon wafer,Trimming of resistance,Processing of solar cell,Removal of ITO film.

Max Mopa series fiber laser mostly used for marking on metallical ,plastsic,ceramic,jade,and it is high precition widely used for iphone case marking, color marking on stainless steel, black marking on aluminum alloy and so on.

Aluminum Black Marking

     Aluninam Alloy Black Marking

IC laser marking

          IC laser marking

Iphone Case Marking

        Iphone Case Marking

Color Marking On SS

      Color Marking on Stainless Steel

laser marking

Questions usually been asked by the customers
1) Does the laser have "auto verification" mode in which it can diagnose itself for possible problems?
=> It has a protection software inside.
2) Can an abrupt electricity cut damage the laser? Is it necessary to connect the laser to electricity via UPS?
=> an abrupt electricity cut won't damage the laser, our laser has been tested in this way for many many times. Not necessary to connect to UPS.
3) Is the laser filled with neutral gas (we are thinking about the risk of opening it by the customs at the border)?
=> No neutral gas, it's safe.
4) Can anything bad happen to the laser if it is scanned by X-ray on the border?
=> Please don't worry, our laser has been sold to many countries, it very safe. Because there is no dangerous materials in it that will lead to fire or explosion.
5) Does the laser have a CE certificate necessary to be sold to European Union?

6) What is the lifetime? 

The lifetime of the lasers are 100,000 hours, the lifetime of the pump diode is 100,000 hours.

Laser operating environment requirements

In order to ensure the safety of laser working area, the proper enclosure shall be used. It includes but not limited to the laser safety sign and interlocking device, and the corresponding operation personnel shall receive the assessment training and know the regular safety specification of the laser operation. Meanwhile, the important point is that the installation of output component shall not keep the same level with the eyes.

The interaction of laser and metal materials will produce the ultraviolet ray with high intensity or radiation of visible light. The laser shall be equipped with the protection cover to avoid the radiation from the damage to eyes or other parts of the body.


Maxphotonics highly recommends you to carry out the operation according to the following measures to extend the service life of the laser:

1. The laser shall not be exposed under the high temperature and high humidity environment.

2. The laser shall be placed in the cabinet with the temperature/humidity control and dust prevention function.

The operation under the high temperature will accelerate the aging of equipment, or increase current threshold, and reduce the laser sensitivity and conversion efficiency. If the equipment is too hot, please don't use it and ask for help from Maxphotonics.

The proper ventilation shall be guaranteed in the working area. The interaction between laser light and working surface may produce the additional safety damage due to the gas, spark and debris produced by the high temperature.



The careless equipment operation may bring the accidental damage to the equipment.

If the laser is placed under the environment with the temperature of 0or below, the anti-freezing solution with the corresponding ratio shall be added to the water channel of water-cooling machine, and water in the inlet and outlet channel shall be drained due to failure on long-term use for the equipment (the high pressure air gun shall be used to prevent the icing of residual water from damaging the water passing device as suggested).

General Warranty:

All products are warranted by MAX against defects in materials and workmanship for the period of time as set forth on the applicable purchase order or in the specifications starting with the date of shipment. Max also warrants that this product will meet applicable specifications under normal use.

MAX shall,at its option, repair of replace any product that proves, in the reasonable opinion of MAX, to be defective in materials or workmanship during the warranty period. All products repaird or replaces under warranty are only warranted for the remaining up-expired period of time in the original warranty for the particular defective product. MAX reserves the right to issue a credit note for any defective products that have proved defective through normal usage.

Warranty limitations:

Products, parts(including fiber connectors)or equipment which have been tampered with are not covered by this warranty.

Be tampered with ,opened, disassembled, opened, or modified by persons other than MAX personnel.

Misused, neglected, or damaged by accident, used in applications which exceeds their specifications or rating.

Outsied of environmental specifications for the products.

Used with buyer software or interfacing.

Improperly installed, maintained or otherwise abused or used other than in accordance with the information and precautions contained in this User's Manual.

It is the customer's responsibility to understand and follow operating instructions in this User's Guide and specifications prior to operation-failure to do so many result in voiding this warranty.

Accessories and fiber connectors are not covered by this warranty.


    Buyer must claim under the warranty in writing no later than 31 days after the claimed defect is discovered. This warranty does not extend to any third party, including without limitation Buyer's end-users or customers, and does not apply to any parts, equipment or other products not manufactured by MAX.

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