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MFP-100W-300W Q Switched Fiber Laser Generator

MFP-100W-300W Q switched Fiber Laser Generator

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MFP-100W-300W Q switched Fiber Laser Generator

Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser (MFP100W-300W) Series are maintenance-free fiber lasers based on the Q-switched technology and MOPFA. These lasers deliver light whose emission wavelength is centered at 1060nm and peak power is up to 10KW or above. The light is guided to the work piece via a flexible metal-sheathed fiber cable. The laser’s running parameters are set by the user’s special controller via a DB-25 interface.

Main Features:

(1)Short optical pulses, high peak power, a wi de range of PRR.

(2)Superior reliability, long lifetime.

(3)No shadow or virtual open circuit phenomenon when processing

on special materials.

(4)Universal DB-25 interface.

100W Laser module dimensions (Unit mm):


200-300W Laser module dimensions (Unit mm):


Standard isolated output head dimensions:(Unit:mm)


Cleaning isolated output head dimensions:(Unit:mm)


Cleaning Samples:

Painted plate.jpg

     Painting Removal


   Alumina Surface Cleaning

battery pole.jpg

       Battery Pole

rust removal.jpg

        Rust Removal

olied carbon steel.jpg

       Oil Removal

surface cleaning.jpg

  Casting Surface Cleaning


◎ This device is classified as a high power Class IV laser instrument. It may emit up to 300W average power near 1060nm wavelength. This level of light may cause damage to the eye and skin. Despite the radiation being invisible, the beam may cause irreversible damage to the retina.

Laser safety eyewear is not provided with this instrument, but must be worn at all times while the laser is operational. Use appropriate laser safety eyewear when operating this device. The manufacturer of the laser system is responsible for the safety compliance according to the applicable standards and regulations.

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