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Additive Manufacturing
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a "bottom-up" manufacturing method that uses the gradual accumulation of materials to create solid parts. This technology is a "bottom-up" approach to traditional material removal-cutting technology. In the past 20 years, AM technology has developed rapidly. Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing and Solid Free-form Fabrication are variously called "Rapid Prototyping", "3D Printing", "Solid Free-form Fabrication" Method from different aspects of the expression of the characteristics of this technology.

Increasing material manufacturing technology is based on the principle of discrete - accumulation, from the three-dimensional data-driven parts directly manufactured parts of science and technology system. Based on different classification principles and understanding of the incremental material manufacturing technology as well as rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, 3D printing and other names, the connotation is still deepening, extension is also expanding, Manufacturing "and" rapid prototyping "," rapid manufacturing "has the same meaning.

The industrialization of the LSF-V large-scale laser three-dimensional forming equipment The so-called digital material by the manufacturing technology is a three-dimensional entity rapid free forming manufacturing technology, which combines the computer graphics processing, digital information and control, laser technology, electromechanical technology and materials technology A number of high-tech advantages, scholars have a variety of description. State Key Laboratory of Solid State Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University Professor Huang Weidong said that this new technology as "digital materials by manufacturing", the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Song Tianhu Secretary-General called "incremental manufacturing", in fact, it is not long ago caused widespread social Concerned with the "three-dimensional printing" technology. Western media to this entity free forming manufacturing technology as will bring "third industrial revolution" of new technology.

Selective laser sintering printing, which uses high-power laser, the powder heating sintering molding. Selective laser sintering process has the advantage of a wide range of materials, in addition to sintering plastic, nylon. Polycarbonate and other non-metallic materials, but also to print metal materials, and printing without support, print mechanical properties of parts, high strength. Disadvantages are relatively loose powder material, printing more difficult to control, and printing equipment is expensive.

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