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Aerospace Industry.
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application requirements:

In aerospace industry, during making process of the modern engine turbine, always need drilling the thousands holes of different diameter from the different angle on the different thickness parts, such as, turbine blades, guide vane, combustion chamber and reheat chamber to supply the cooling air for the components, which are combined by super alloy, and are made by repeat ceramic BTC (thermal barrier coating).

The adjusted pulse width duration time of fiber laser, made a new control mode, by which fiber laser drilling can limited the backboard damage, and don’t need extra pulse refinement after the drilling (the extra refinement would damage the backboard). Cross sectional analysis said, when drilling by several laser pulse, if the laser light stops before piercing the material, there will have a hat outline at the blind holes bottom.

In the aerospace combustor drilling testing, drilling by ring cutting, the speed of fiber laser is 10 faster than Nd.YAG laser at last. Fiber laser machine can drilling the same size holes by higher speed, in this way the manufactures can adopt the ring cutting drilling but the impacting drilling.

In aerospace industry, sometime need cutting bigger components, using fiber laser can switch to the CW pattern and can supply 2KW output power, then realize high quality and high cutting speed.

Maxphotonics laser solutions:

Cutting, drilling: CW fiber laser  

Users benefit:

High cutting speed, satisfy the user in aerospace industry.

In aerospace industry, laser processing improve the work efficiency and increase income.