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Buyer's Guide-Laser Marking Machine
- Apr 19, 2017 -

Why Fiber Laser Marking

  • Permanent mark on variety of materials

  • Non-contact to part

  • Maintenance Free

  • Software allows user to easily add, change and delete text, graphics, barcodes, etc

  • Minimal consumables as compared to ink jet and pad printing

  • Cost effective

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Structure

The fiber laser features the latest in marking technologies, fiber pumping. The laser resonator consists of a fiber bundle that is doped with Ytterbium and pumped with light emitting diodes. The laser lights then fiber delivered to the optical head that consists of a beamexpander, collimating optics and back reflection protection.


2D fiber laser marking machine structure

2D laser marking machine is using high speed precision galvanometer reflect the fiber laser moving on x and y level.Fiber-Laser-Marking-Principle-2-1.pngFiber-Laser-Marking-Principle-3-1.gif

3D fiber laser marking machine structure

3D laser marking machine is using high speed precision 3D galvanometer head. Which installed with a moving lens could adjust the focus distance automatically.3D-2 (1).gif3D-2.gif

Fiber Laser Marking Principle

According to the material and the different setting, Front laser systems reach different engraving effects.

Key setting include:
Laser Power/ Focus Point/ Processing Speed/ Frequency


Applied Materials

MetalStainless Steel | Iron | Copper | Aluminium | Gold | Silver | Alloy etc.
Non Metal:Plastics | Acrylic | ABS | PCB | PVC | Resin | PE | PS | PP | POM Rubber etc.