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Electric Appliance Industry
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application requirements:

For electric appliance industry, for examples: air-condition, electronic expansion valve and other precision devices, welding is an important process. Precision devices need high welding technology, demand beautiful welding faces, perfect welding lines, small welding heat affected zone, can bear a certain pressure and so on.

Comparing the traditional welding, for laser welding, smaller heat input, wider and deeper, narrower passageway, quicker speed, easier automation. Fiber laser welding satisfy precision devices crafts.

Easy use, any worker can operate.

Maxphotonics laser solutions:

Maxphotonics 800W CW fiber laser, better weld forming, higher weld quality.

Users benefit:

Maxphotonics fiber laser has stable performance and is operated easily.

Lower cost.

Fiber laser welding can meet the strict craft requirements.