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Jewelry Industry
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application requirements:

Laser welding: laser welding has the characteristics of high welding strength, speed, and lower inferior-quality products rate, and is widely used in modern manufacture industry. In the jewelry industry, laser welding has the below advantages than the traditional welding:

1. High speed, high strength, small deformation, don’t need correct the shape and other processing after welding.
2. Suitable for precision components welding, and ensure the quality.
3. High assembly precision, contribute to the development of new jewelry production process.

Laser marking: laser surface marking technology is earlier on which use the laser processing technology, according to the effect between laser light and material, it can be divided into surface marking and material transfer. Advantages:
2. Using laser processing method, elaboration marking, suitable for the fast and high efficiency modern production requirements;
3. High adaptability to jewelry processing material, can make the most precision marks, the durability is very good.
4. Flexible processing, which is suitable for small batch production.
5. No pollution, no harmful to environment. It’s hard to change or copy the marks which is made by the laser, in some ways, laser marking has the very good anti-counterfeit effect.

Laser drilling: laser drilling is fit for bigger diameter round holes and smaller diameter holes, absolutely process drill 0.2-7mm holes in some famous enterprise.

Laser technology is mainly used for diamond cutting and polishing in jewelry industry, when cut and polish the original diamond, wastage to be the minimum, almost entirely avoid diamond fracture problem.

Laser processing technology has been used in jewelry industry, as the laser processing technology constantly and the craft study goes deeper, there will must be a much wider application in the near future.

Maxphotonics laser solutions:

Welding: CW fiber laser  

Marking: MaxSmart laser  

Users benefit:

Maxphotonics fiber laser is stable, and easy for operating.

High cutting speed, satisfy the user in jewelry industry application.

In jewelry industry, laser processing improve the work efficiency and increase income.