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Laser Drilling
- Nov 29, 2016 -

Laser Drilling

Blind and Through-Going Drilling

High flexibility and high speeds are the big benefits of laser technology when it comes to drilling of blind and through holes. As with cutting, there are two different laser processes  for micro drilling: fusion drilling with pulsed lasers and external gas support, and vaporization-induced melt ejection as realized with q-switched solid-state lasers, for instance.

Chosing the appropriate wavelength and power density of the laser beam, practically all solid materials (metals, semiconductors, plastics, ceramics, diamonds) can be laser drilled.

Various Techniques for Laser Drilling

Pulse drilling of blind holes whith a depth of some microns is used for selective roughening of surfaces for gluing and coating processes. For through holes in small workpiece thicknesses, single-pulse processes can be used. For thicker materials percussion drilling is first choice and with which the required depth can be achieved by applying several laser pulses. For large diameters trepanning drilling, a combined drilling-cutting process, or the multi-pass method are used.