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Laser heat treating
- Dec 09, 2016 -

Lasers are an excellent heat source for hardening of metal parts for preventing surface wear while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base material. Formation of a martensite layer on the wear surface and retention the ductility of the base material for the rest of the part can greatly increase the life and fiber lasers bring several advantages over non-laser surface hardening technologies. fiber lasers are easy to set up and allow laser power minimizing part distortion and eliminating the need for a quenchant.

Laser heat treating, also known as laser hardening, is a surface modification process used to increase wear resistance or extend the lifetime for items ranging from household tools to parts in automobile manufacturing and tooling in heavy industry and transport sectors. Laser hardening is most commonly used for steel and cast iron materials. Lasers transform target areas on metal parts by controlled localized heating while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base material.

Absorption depends on the material type, carbon content, microstructure, surface condition, size and geometry and is typically restricted to surface layer. The depth of hardening ranges from 
0.2–2.0 mm. The heated area can be controlled with beam shaping optics. As a result, laser heat treating provides manufacturers a precise and controlled process to modify their tooling and equipment for increased wear resistance.

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