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Medical Applications
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application Requirements:

Fiber laser applications in the medical industry: compound welding, metal welding, cutting, drilling, score, Fiber laser machine has become the first medical welding equipment application tool. In the medical device manufacturing, 50W to 500W medium power fiber laser has been widely applied, which can provide users much more flexibility operating and better process control.

Fiber laser welding has a lot of application in medical instruments, such as, suture, docking, lap and spot welding, etc.

Fiber laser welding quality is very high, so, it suitable very much for welding the expensive components, mainly due to the fiber laser high stable output, almost no depth deviation in the whole welding path.

Maxphotonics fiber laser solution:

Marking: MaxSmart laser

Cutting, lap welding: CW fiber laser

Users benefit:

Maxphotonics fiber laser is stable, and easy for operating.

High cutting speed, satisfy medical industry application.

In medical industry, laser processing improve the work effciency and increase income.