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Metal 3D Print Industry
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application requirements:

3D printer adopts double laser machines, one is the long wavelength fiber laser, and another one is the short wavelength Co2 laser. Those can print less than 250 cubic centimeters things, and the speed is 8 cubic centimeters per hour. The printing material can be stain steel, titanium alloy, hot ni-base superalloy etc. This kind of print need expert laser technology.

3D printers have successfully print out the lens holder of satellite equipment, the complex precision parts of nuclear power testing equipment, the impeller of making airplane, the special shape gear of automobile engine etc., which of them is reticular hollowed structure, or has extremely irregular shape, or is small and complicated, so, if they were processed by traditional processing technology, the cost would be expensive and rejection rate would be higher, even would hardly be processed, but, 3D printer can print them very fast.

Fiber laser machine has the features, such as, high beam quality, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, free maintenance and operations and so on, and can be used for remote welding, welding, cutting, brazing, heat treatment, drilling rock and concrete etc.

Laser sintering selectively melt the printing material among the granular bedding, which usually be used for sintering a material and form a solid.

Maxphotonics laser solutions:

Cutting, welding: CW fiber laser  

Users benefit:

High cutting speed, satisfy the user in 3D printing industry.

In 3D printing industry, laser processing improve the work efficiency and increase income.