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Oil Industry
- Oct 25, 2016 -

Application requirements:

Fiber laser launch high-power laser beam to the rock face during the drilling process, rapid heat the rock to hundreds of degrees. High power laser and mechanical drill work together. The heat impacting make the rock surface a few millimeter deep "fragmented" and softening, then the rock will be easy to clean by the drill.

Laser phase change and hardening, laser cladding, laser fused, laser alloying and laser shock hardening application in the oil industry, developing laser technology application in oil industry.

Since the date of birth, laser processing technology has been focused and used in oil industry, such as, laser cutting oil slotted sieve tube, laser welding pipelines, high-energy laser drill, laser measurement, laser marking, and laser surface strengthening, etc.

The inner wall of oil pump is not only intensified by laser shape change, but also strengthened and repaired by laser fusion. Using laser cladding process, the pump wall cladding can be covered by a Wear-resistant tungsten carbide powder sheet, improve the hardness and wear-resistance. Drilling pump and mud pump cylinder liner can also be treated similarly.

Maxphotonics laser solutions:

Cladding, fused, alloying: CW fiber laser  

Users benefit:

High cutting speed, satisfy the user in oil process application industry.

In oil industry, laser processing improve the work efficiency and increase income.