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singlemode laser output and dynamic regulation research progress
- Jan 27, 2019 -

Laser research and development has always been the focus of attention. Since multimode lasers not only have pulse broadening and false signals caused by group velocity dispersion, but also cause pattern instability resulting in signal instability, obtaining single-mode laser output is an effective strategy to solve the above problems. At present, people can obtain single-mode laser output in a variety of ways, such as: reduced cavity size, DBR / DFB technology, Vernier effect. However, these methods require precise cavity design and complex fabrication processes. In addition, the single-mode output achieved by these methods is not reversible, and the implementation of dynamic, sustainable single-mode laser output still lacks an effective research solution.


Figure: Mode Control Mechanism

On January 17, the Institute of Nano-Energy and Systems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a report saying that Wang Zhonglin, Pan Caofeng and Lu Junfeng of the Institute recently used the piezoelectric polarization effect based on the previously reported dynamic regulation of the ZnO whispering gallery laser mode. Synergistic with the piezoresistive effect, selective output of the laser mode, and single-mode laser output and dynamic regulation, also lay a solid foundation for further advancement of stress sensor construction with color resolution as the signal source. The related results are published in the recent Materials Today on the topic of Dynamic Regulating of Single-Mode-Lasing in ZnO Microcavity by Piezoelectric Effect.