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​Laser cladding technology applications in the mining equipment
- Mar 03, 2016 -

Laser cladding technology applications in the mining equipment

Laser cladding technology is an advanced surface modification technology, with a wide range of applications. Its purpose is to generate a surface of a substrate having a high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat disorders, functional layer, so as to achieve the purpose of surface modification or repair, and welding, painting, plating and compared to vapor deposition, laser cladding with a small dilution, dense coating and substrate is good, more suitable cladding material, size and content changes and other characteristics, therefore, the laser cladding technique used in mining machinery remanufacturing prospects.

High loss, mining machinery and equipment needs to be improved in the technical and performance.
At present, China is the largest producer of mining machinery, consumer and importer of. Mining machinery is used in the mine well construction, mining, mine hoist transportation, crushing, grinding, screening, washing, dressing, baking and other equipment in general. Its large wide, and the use of harsh working conditions, the part surface wear, abrasion and scratch serious, according to the statistics, the global energy about 1/3 ~ 1/2 is consumed in the friction due to wear caused by friction failure of equipment damage accounted for 70% -80% annual loss in billions of dollars. Especially at high speed, high temperature, pressure and other conditions of work parts, often due to surface wear caused by parts scrapped, leading to equipment disabled.
In addition, the mining machinery is characterized by a bulky, expensive, and difficult handling, and maintenance workload, and therefore when the device is damaged due to wear and stop running, it will cause huge economic losses. Should improve wear-resistant materials to improve the machining precision parts, improve the reliability of the device structure, the device will be able to postpone the deadline wear. Therefore, to carry out mining machinery remanufacturing or upgrade process is imperative. Anti-abrasion, laser cladding technology emerges
In order to solve mining machinery parts wear and corrosion serious problems, laser cladding technology is introduced. The technology is a highly economic new technology, it can be prepared on an inexpensive high-performance alloy metal substrate without affecting the surface properties of the substrate, not only reduces costs, but also saves precious rare metal materials.

And welding, painting, plating and vapor deposition compared to laser cladding with a small dilution, dense coating and substrate is good, more suitable cladding material, size and content changes and other characteristics.

Laser cladding technology, Shearer and boring machine cutter, hydraulic support stainless steel column, scraper, gear box failure remanufactured parts, especially in the end of the cone and picks scraping board wear parts prepared metallurgical bonding, hard particles and high toughness metal composite material reinforced laser cladding, so that the average life has been greatly improved.