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2015 Global fiber lasers Market Outlook: Market detailed interpretation
- Apr 10, 2016 -

2015 Global fiber lasers Market Outlook: Market detailed interpretation

With the relentless penetration of fiber lasers continue to mature markets, such as marking the market, so that solid-state laser sales decline. More than $ 750 million marking / engraving system market occupied by low-power fiber lasers and sealed off CO2 laser, respectively. The latter is quite safe for non-metal engraving, since compatibility issues wavelength. Solid-state laser revenue continued rapid acceptance in MW peak power status, picosecond and femtosecond ultrafast pulse width (or ultrashort pulse) laser focused on the micro-material processing applications, such as smart phones and tablet devices processing. Working in a very short pulse width fiber lasers in this fight for market share, some analysts speculate that there may be a micro-machining the next growth point of these lasers. Some studies of recent market ultrafast pulsed laser set at $ 450 million.

However, the problem relates to micro-material processing, strong growth in laser additive manufacturing (AM) in the field of promoting an increase in revenue of solid-state lasers and fiber lasers. Wohlers Associates said 2013 AM increased by more than 63%, 37% of revenue comes from the 3D and AM parts of the final product rather than the prototype. In the survey of supply AM aerospace show, 27 percent of companies have been used, 10% is expected over the next one-year, 37% is expected to be used within the next five years. With the company's challenges AM "limit" laser processing will forge ahead.

Materials processing applications in addition to large-scale laser cutting 25% of high-power lasers operating income. Leading revenue growth of 10% of the market for welding applications of fiber lasers and CO2 lasers, mainly in the automotive industry. Fiber laser welding supplier is expected the next few years a growing market.

Industrial laser market summary in 2014, marking an increase of 4%; micro material processing increased by 14%; large-scale materials processing expand 8%. Material processing overall sales growth of 6%.

As mentioned earlier, the forecast for industrial lasers will follow the global machine tool industry is also a moderate growth trend. November 2014 after Australia's G20 summit, British Prime Minister Cameron said: "The world economy on the rocks." Interviewed by general consensus and industrial laser systems supplier 2015 will continue the growth momentum in 2014, the proportion is expected to grow at around 5%. This and many experts predict economic analysts lowered GDP growth of the international economy is slow, most advanced, scale and NIEs consistent.

This growth will again be led by fiber lasers, but the growth rate slightly lower than in 2014. Fiber lasers are expected to continue to erode the market share of CO2 and long-pulse solid-state lasers. Ultrafast pulsed solid-state lasers will experience from the large-scale processing applications, including AM, including significant sales growth. High-power lasers in metal cutting aspects of the application will be stabilized at a relatively stable single-digit growth rate, but the laser is used for welding of double-digit growth is expected in 2015.