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2017 Laser World Of PHOTONICS In Munich
- Jun 28, 2017 -


LASER World of PHOTONICS was held at the Munich International Exhibition Center, where thousands of exhibitors gathered. The exhibition brought together from the global enterprises, industry associations, universities and other scientific research institutes and other areas of the industry elite and professional buyers, a large number of outstanding domestic photoelectric enterprises to the form of exhibitors went to the show, Maxphotonics carrying pulse fiber lasers , Continuous fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers at A3 Hall 441 booth.



At present, Maxphotonics are gradually complete the sales service system in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other regions, in this exhibition, many old customers come from afar, Maxphotonics' medium power fiber laser gradually open the door to the European market,  it is high-performance, high-quality, high reliability , gains new and old customers a high degree of recognition and consistent reputation.

Step into the international market line, to understand the forefront of the international optoelectronic industry technology, with the top international companies on the same stage of competition, and potential customers in-depth interviews, is boosting, including a large number of laser, including a large number of laser on the downstream enterprises to open up overseas markets, Market visibility. To the international, open the industry to flourish the new situation, the situation is excellent.






In the diversification and change of the international arena, in the face of differentiated demands and the new request, it has become Maxphotonics' inexhaustible power to retrofit the existing products and upgrade solutions. In addition to the advantaged pulse fiber laser series to attract the audience and the buyer's eye, the handheld laser cleaning system has become the focus of attention.


Hand-held laser cleaning system with Maxphotonics fiber laser generator, high beam quality, stable performance, hand-held laser cleaning head design, easy to use, light can be used for long time operation, compact structure easy to install, power can run, it is a new laser system launched by Maxphotonics for efficient removal of workpiece surface resin, oil, rust, coating and so on.

The four-day event will continue until 29 th of july.