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3D printing technology achievements in high-end manufacturing leading the revolution
- Jan 12, 2015 -

3D printing technology achievements in high-end manufacturing leading the revolution

During the second session of China (Mianyang) Technology City International Science and Technology Fair, launched by the Mianyang Sanyang Yongnian increasing material manufacturing technology company, based on 3D printing technology products, has become the focus of many visitors were concerned.

At the meeting, China Machinery Industry Federation Special Adviser Zhu Sendi, Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang natural, Tan Jianrong Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of University of Cincinnati in any Lijie Deng leading experts and scholars launched the "wisdom of the storm" and consensus - 3D printing technology is pushing traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Mianyang development 3d printing industry a solid foundation and broad prospects, promising.

Resources advantages + Elements guarantee 3D printing for industrial development

3D printing can be said to be among the most fiery of manufacturing cutting-edge technology. From foreign to domestic, from engineering and technology to the civilian market, 3d printing give people more and more imagination.

Facts clear, who mastered the 3d printing technology, who can seize the high-end manufacturing.

As the only Chinese science and technology city, Mianyang 3D printing industry with the development of "natural advantages" - as early as years ago, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Southwest Institute of Automation and a number of research institutes in the cotton had already begun to get involved in the relevant art Research, Southwest University of Science and led by a group of Mianyang institutions, but also introduced a special team engaged in related application technology research and development, and the formation of a series of achievements for the city development 3d printing industry has made to support the foundation.

Technology Resources is just one of the advantages. The past two years, the city integrate all resources to support efforts to build policy, innovation and entrepreneurship, openness and cooperation, bearing industry "four platforms" for the 3D printing industry to create a good environment. Especially since last year, the city will 3D printing industry included in the "4 + 3" high-growth industries, and the establishment of a mechanism for promoting the development of 3d printing industry, set up a municipal 3d printing industry promotion group and promotion group office, polymeric strength, co-ordination advance. On the one hand, research and development strengths to play CAEP, Southwest Institute of Automation, COR and large units to speed up the development of key technologies; on the other hand, around the upstream and downstream industry chain to carry out investment, promote the introduction of advanced technology absorption and re-innovation, to seize the technological cutting edge. At the same time, continue to strengthen the elements of protection, and strive to promote the focus of the project is completed as soon as possible of production, promote the accelerated development of the industry. In Sanyang Yongnian 3d printing project as an example, the city will be included in the annual municipal key projects and city leaders linkages among major industrial projects, in the arrangements for the annual land indicators, to give priority to security projects to promote efficient.