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Academician Lin Zunqi Of The Chinese Academy Of Sciences Visited Maxphotonics Laser
- Feb 13, 2015 -

Academician Lin Zunqi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Maxphotonics Laser

On 12th, February, Chinese Academy of Sciences Linzun Qi made a special trip to Maxphotonics co.,ltd understanding of laser development of domestic laser, and a detailed understanding of the Maxphotonics's laser technology innovation and product applications. The chairman of Maxphotnics laser Jiang Feng, deputy general manager Hu Xiaobo, director of R & D Habitat received the Academician Lin.

In the meeting room of Maxphotonics, Dr. Jiang gave Donglin and his colleagues a detailed introduction to the company's profile, the development and production of core devices and fiber lasers, the wide range of industrial applications and future development trends of laser products. Academician Lin Zunqi highly affirmed the rapid development and technological innovation achievements Maxphotonics laser in the field of fiber laser, and expressed high appreciation to create laser-driven laser industry in China.

Subsequently, Dr. Lin with Mr. Hu and Mr. Ju visited Maxphotonics’s core device research and development workshop, high-power laser research and development workshop and intelligent laser research and development workshop. In the core device research and development workshop, Mr.Hu introduced the new progress of high-power fiber lasers, picosecond fiber laser research and development, Academician Lin jokingly said: "If you do this stable, I'll bought from you." After visiting Pump source packaging, combiner research and development workshop, the Academician Lin said that a company really want to become bigger and stronger, the integration of various core technologies is particularly important, and Maxphotonics laser to the current strength of the future, not just Laser Chinese core, but should be "laser world core".