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Advantage Of Fiber Laser For Cutting Of Metal Sheets
- Jun 05, 2013 -

Laser cutting is the use of high power density laser beam focused exposure artifacts, the illuminated materials rapidly melting, vaporization, Ablation, or achieve performance by using beam coaxial with the Jet stream blowing molten material, which will cut the workpiece. Laser cutting is cutting methods.
Fiber laser cutting machine provides has many advantages to maintained high growth and high production, single die fiber laser cutting machine not need reflection mirror focus, no longer need Flash of replaced, completely from maintenance, compact laser cutting machine of wind cold design and save has expensive of Super NET plant space, very high of beam focused performance provides has super high of power density makes in effective of work distance in enjoys more wide range of application. But in order to meet the requirements of laser cutting machine positioning and high precision components, this approach requires close tolerances in addition depending on the application, currently the naïve application of laser cutting machine is a man-made diamond and diamond wire drawing die and jewel bearing for clock and instrumentation, aircraft blades, production of multilayer printed circuit board industry. Fine control of fiber laser beam cutting machine to meet the demand for disk drive manufacturers, laser cutting machines in the injection moulding process via a dedicated fixture fixed component. Laser cutting machine metal is the most important method in conjunction with plastic injection molding technology. For a series of smaller devices provide more precise bending method of and repeat performances. Other benefits include, during the process of laser cutting machines are not in need of protection devices or supplies, laser cutting machine production investment of minimum.
Fiber coupled diode laser cutting machine laser cutting machine can be used in the industrial application of the technology. Laser cutting machine with collimation device for single mode fiber optical focusing system provides easy integration and integration for up to 7m distance beam propagation system. Laser cutting machine and its efficiency in laser systems is a diode pumped solid state lasers Nd more than twice times. The use of higher efficiency, longer life, less maintenance combined allows fiber lasers have interest full of very strong attraction. This method is not always the combination of high strength, excellent mode quality in fiber laser cutting machine is especially suitable for high-precision marking applications.
Laser cutting machine used by this technology on the beam quality of the laser irradiation do not ask for much. Laser cutting machine because of the traditional Q-switched lasers of high energy and short pulse shortcoming, mark effect may be deformed, these variants may cause micro-fracture, thus endangering the life and performance of the workpiece. Signature of continuous fiber laser cutting machine essentially no distortion.
Believe that as technology advances, industry Division, fibers in sheet metal laser cutting machine will cut full shows on the stage!