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Advantages of fiber lasers in the metal thin film processing industry analysis
- Dec 22, 2014 -

Advantages analysis of fiber lasers in the metal thin film processing industry 

Fiber lasers in industrial processing applications more widely applied in the field of metal will change the previous model, the following advantage analysis is the fiber laser applications in the metal film industry.

Fiber laser marking machine for laser micro-machining metal thin film is very good, and now many of the recent use of modern aspects need to use a thin metal film to laser processing, and high demand for accuracy and bright marginal. In recent years, we made many new skills laser for laser micromachining. These lasers have excellent quality and can form clusters of these two factors on access to marginal and small-scale features a very bright is very important.

Although the processing metals for many different skills, but they all have some drawbacks, especially when compared with the time division especially laser. For example, you can use EDM (electrical discharge machining) to useful metal processing, but this process on the minimum characteristic scale processing target exists constraints. In addition, compared with the laser, EDM electrode smaller and more simple the more expensive illnesses, more frequent replacement of increased spending.

Etching is also used in metal processing skills, these skills and in some cases can be very economical, but the way this process has also some serious drawbacks. First, the etching process needs many steps of the processing step, the laser processing in a single step can be completed. Secondly, we have to dispose of some of the corrosive etching skills so that chemicals and toxic waste. Eventually, the aspect ratio constraint is 1: 1, even in this case will show the effect of undercutting perhaps tapered sidewalls. At the same time, mechanical drilling perhaps grooving characteristic diameter constraint 250 μm. Although there are 100 μm drills for sale, but these drills and the use of not only the price of the precious short life.

Using a laser to cut metal different shapes and styles brought many a lunch. Use of the laser in the future, no longer needs to wear something Thinking drill breakage and questions. In addition, the use of the skills of the laser can reach the hole diameter and the characteristic scale constraints much smaller. Laser skills also have a viewpoint perhaps tortuous in appearance can become bored, and whether it is still hard data is soft apply. In addition, the programmable nature of laser equipment makes in a very short period of time the end of the high-speed high-speed drilling and thousands of such practices become able to use.