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Analysis: China-made fiber laser market trend analysis
- Dec 08, 2014 -

Analysis: China-made fiber laser market trend analysis

Science and technology continues to mature technology to promote the rapid development of fiber lasers, fiber lasers and for early OFA mostly single-clad fiber, Common rare earth-doped single-mode fiber core is only a few microns, pumping light is difficult efficient coupling to the fiber core. Thus, the fiber laser is generally considered a low-power photonic devices. In recent years, with the new double-clad fiber appearance and development of cladding pumping operation technology, fiber laser 8ujn the power output of exponential growth. Recently, single-mode fiber laser output power of the laser has reached the order of kilowatts or more.

Related Industry analysts pointed out: At present, more rare earth-doped fiber lasers mainly for fiber lasers. Rare earth-doped fiber laser fiber matrix material used, mainly glass and quartz glass multi-component two categories, which include multi-component glass and fluoride glass, phosphate glass, tellurite glass, germanate glass, and mixed system glass.

After a downturn in 2009, the most ever after the economic downturn, laser materials processing market growth in 2010, it did not fully recover to 2008 levels. 2010 global growth market of laser material processing, particularly by the semiconductor manufacturing, printed circuit board manufacturing, flat panel display manufacturing and solar cell manufacturing applications such as strong demand for lasers and laser systems for micromachining of.

Fiber lasers will further increase their share of the market occupied by the higher market growth rate. From the geographical point of view, fiber lasers in the Asian market, especially in the growth of the Chinese market is particularly strong. Growth in market demand is also mainly due to user needs some standard laser processing equipment (such as laser plate cutting machine) to start fast recovery drive. Under favorable market environment, some mainstream lasers and laser system manufacturers in 2010 have achieved double-digit revenue growth.

According to a research report, January-June 2011, the global fiber laser industry sales reached 0.68 million units, an increase of 26.9%. In 2010, the global fiber laser industry sales reached 1.12 million units, an increase of 18.4%.

Laser technology in various applications have occupied a very important position in the research and development sector accounts for 12%, material processing sector accounts for 32%, communications 12%, the information sector accounts for 14% of the medical field 20%, measurements and other each field of 9% and 1%.

Laser technology, should vigorously develop high absorption rate, high capacity utilization of the direct semiconductor laser, compared with CO2 and solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers significance lies in its shorter wavelength, the device is very small volume, high efficiency, the optical fiber good coupling, and other fine features easy modulation, the cost can be reduced.

More and more customers and more attention to quality issues, so our domestic business R & D capabilities and production technology has a very important significance, only continue to improve product quality, technology will continue to progress. At the same time control the quality of a lot of money in research and development, the development of fiber laser has an important significance.