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Analysis: High-power fiber laser technology market direction
- Mar 30, 2016 -

Analysis: High-power fiber laser technology market direction

High-power fiber laser technology in the past 10 years, the rapid transfer from the laboratory to commercial. With traditional carbon dioxide laser technique compared to fiber laser technology can provide high-quality, more perfect and long-range laser beam, additional benefits include efficient energy consumption, low operating cost, and ease of maintenance of industrial automated production processes.

Advanced fiber laser technology to femtoseconds (Fentosecond, 10-15 seconds) of the order to produce laser pulses, it is a complex, expensive and unstable characteristics is known from the date of birth. Seventh EU cabinet planned development (FP7) funded 10 million euros, 16 million euros of the total R & D investment, were always coordinated by German scientists, seven EU Member States and associated countries, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Finland, Denmark and Sweden 21 institutions involved in science and technology personnel in Europe LIFT R & D team, successfully developed a new, stable and affordable high-power femtosecond fiber laser source, the foundation for the promotion and application of fiber laser technology.

Fiber laser refers to rare earth doped laser glass fiber as the gain medium, fiber lasers can be developed on the basis of the optical fiber amplifier out: the role of the pump light can easily form a high power density within the fiber, resulting in laser laser working substance level "inversion", when appropriate to add a positive feedback loop (constituting the cavity) can form a laser oscillation output. In the fast-growing market in the world of laser technology, fiber laser technology market share from 8% in 2006 increased to 10% in 2008, in 2013 is expected to grow to 30%.

Fiber lasers wide range of applications, including laser fiber-optic communications, laser distance space communications, shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving laser marking laser cutting, printing roll, metal and nonmetal drilling / cutting / welding (brazing, quench water, cladding and welding depth), military and national defense security, medical equipment, large-scale infrastructure, as another laser pump source and so on.

R & D team in the development of fiber lasers technical success, the EU will continue to ensure that laser technology and laser manufacturing and world-leading competitiveness. Currently, the main objective of the research and development team has turned to commercial application of fiber laser technology, including: the use of a new generation of fiber laser technology fortune cutting and welding technology development; used in medicine for acne and acne technology has applications for invention patents; applied part applied to the solar cell module manufacturing technology development; development of cancer treatment technique.

R & D team to develop in a relatively short period of time out of fiber-based short-pulse laser generator and is called "cold treatment" ultrashort pulse laser generator, fiber laser is entirely due to science and technology research and development team composed of personnel and coordination cooperation. R & D team of scientists from a wide range of disciplines, covering laser technology research institutions, the laser source and optical components supplier, the company scientific research, experiments and engineering researchers and engineers.
Fiber laser as a representative of the third generation of laser technology, with other lasers unparalleled technical superiority. However, we believe that in the short term, fiber lasers will be mainly focused on the high end applications with the universal, reduce and improve the capacity of fiber lasers cost eventually may replace lost most of the world and the vast majority of high power CO2 lasers YAG lasers. Chong-hsin laser fiber laser focus on more than ten years, pulsed fiber laser market share in 2014 ahead of the international and domestic competitors, China has become a well-deserved first brand fiber lasers.