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Analysis of 2014 laser industry and forecast future development prospects (1)
- Dec 26, 2014 -

Analysis of 2014 laser industry and forecast future development prospects (1)

Mature and expanding applications of laser technology to industrial processing brought the spring, and now laser research and development costs are expensive, so share in the Chinese market will continue to increase, so the manufacturer as a core component of the research and production of laser main Xin in the fiber laser has been insisting science and technology R & D provider Pratt & Whitney major public mission to provide the world's most cost-effective fiber lasers.

Early laser principle has been found in the famous American physicist Albert Einstein in 1917, but until 1960 was only the first successful laser manufacturing. In the case of laser is theoretical preparation and production practices urgently needed background came into being, it come out, it quickly gained extraordinary development, the development of not only the old laser optics and optical science technology gained a new life, but also leads to whole new industries emerge one. Laser enable people to effectively use unprecedented advanced methods and means to get an unprecedented benefits and outcomes, so as to promote the development of productive forces.

Analysis of laser development

Early solid-state lasers using stimulated emission principle that certain substances in the optical amplification by stimulated emission or oscillation device, light, electricity and other methods of material incentives, so that part of the particles excited to a higher energy state when, in this state when the number of particles larger than the particle number lower energy state, due to the stimulated emission of optical radiation of a substance able to produce amplification wavelength, i.e. the wavelength of the optical radiation by such substances, emission intensity of incident light wave is amplified and position, frequency and consistency of the direction of the light radiation, this device is called a laser amplifier. If the substance is placed in the excitation resonance cavity optical radiation reflected back and forth in the resonant cavity along the propagation axis direction, many times through the material, the optical radiation is amplified many times, forming a large bunch of intensity, direction focused beam "laser" this is the laser oscillator.
Late eighties of the last century, since the semiconductor technology matures, so that the laser diode pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSL) has developed rapidly, DPSSL added KTP, LBO, BBO and other nonlinear optical crystal, can achieve visible and ultraviolet wavelength output, DPSSL has become an important subject of research and development of solid-state lasers, become the focus of international research on race. The semiconductor laser usually consists of a plurality of semiconductor laser light emitting unit by one-dimensional array (the person) or multidimensional array (stack) superposition, the current size of China's semiconductor laser market is still relatively small, OFweek Bank Research analyst Ye Qidong expects China semiconductor laser market than in 2013 increased by 20%. On the other hand, in consideration of practical factors, difficult to promote the domestic market is also difficult than many foreign countries. At the same time, foreign customers are more high-end products, while the semiconductor technology and process requirements are very high, especially in the field of chip and package, the domestic enterprise products and there is a certain gap with foreign countries. So, now some domestic enterprises to continuously self-developed chip packaging technology and development, not only has the leading edge in terms of price, but also continue to narrow the technology gap with foreign technology products.

Since the advent of fiber lasers, high-power fiber lasers become one of the most active research direction of the laser field. With the use and further development of high-power semiconductor laser manufacturing industry mature new pump technology, fiber laser has been rapid development. Compared with traditional solid-state lasers, high-power fiber laser has a simple structure, low threshold, thermal performance, high efficiency, good beam quality advantages. Currently, the majority of research and industry experts of great concern.

Ye Qidong 2014 fiber laser market than China in 2013 grew 31.73%, low-power fiber laser production will exceed 30,000 units. One is gradually eroded in fiber lasers and carbon dioxide lasers solid market share, and the second is the fiber lasers are gradually opening up new areas of application, the third is to enter the field of fiber lasers more and more enterprises.