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Analysis of 2014 laser industry and forecast future development prospects (2)
- Dec 30, 2014 -

Analysis of 2014 laser industry and forecast future development prospects (20)

Analysis of the Development of laser processing equipment

The world's first CO2 laser cutting machine birthed in the 1970s. For over 40 years, due to the continuous expansion of application fields, CO2 laser cutting machine of continuous improvement, there are many domestic and international companies engaged in the production of CO2 laser cutting machine to meet the needs of the market, there is a two-dimensional plate cutting machine, three-dimensional space curve cutting machine, pipe cutting machines.

However, due to CO2 laser processing and high maintenance costs, compared to fiber lasers, solid-state lasers and semiconductor laser machining applications more and more obvious disadvantages, CO2 laser processing equipment this year, global sales volume compared to 2013 decreased.

YAG laser cutting machine is the first laser cutting equipment, technology development is also very mature, cost and cost have a great advantage in small and medium enterprises has been good use. Current domestic 1-3kW all solid state lasers can be used to completely 1-5mm stainless steel welding, seam welding after the mechanical indicators are at or higher than the performance of the base metal, weld appearance and obtained no macroscopic defects and porosity cracks.

The fiber laser technology combined with industrial robot laser processing is an inevitable trend of modern industrial development. Industrial robot has excellent space operations capability, large processing range, enabling the motion path of the online / offline programming control. Fiber lasers with high beam quality, flexible transmission, stable performance and other advantages, can be cutting, drilling, welding, surface hardening and other alloying materials.

In recent years, high-power fiber laser processing equipment at an alarming rate. In Han's Laser, for example, in 2013 Han's Laser power laser processing equipment increased by 70% in 2014 high-power fiber laser cutting machine will increase more than 30%, shipments of more than 600 sets.

Analysis of Development Trend

Over the past 10 years, fiber laser technology has made tremendous advances in output power, beam quality and brightness and so on. Because of the high efficiency of the fiber laser will further reduce electric power demand, further breakthroughs in industrial manufacturing, and these new manufacturing technology will lead to more new design and processing methods are not currently implemented or waiting for development.

In recent years, domestic enterprises in the low-rate fiber laser development, the future of high-power fiber lasers will be bound direction, 2000W --- 4000W high-power fiber lasers will become one of the major equipment manufacturing industry.

At the same time, from some of the technical content of China's electronic industry, integrated circuits, printed circuits and other high growth trend in the product, the ability of independent innovation in the field of electronic products continued to strengthen, and precision laser manufacturing and services in this field has broad market space, SMT templates and other products widely used precision laser manufacturing and service already is the trend.