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Analysis Of High Power Fiber Laser Markets
- Jun 15, 2013 -

In recent years, the rising share of fiber lasers in various business areas, promoting the development of global market for laser, fiber laser with high efficiency and low maintenance cost advantages the system integrators of all ages. Low power pulsed and continuous wave fiber laser marking and engraving industry has revolutionized the world, replacing lamp pumping and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. In terms of high power fiber laser, as technology continues to mature, the power to do more and more, and CO2 lasers in materials processing continued erosion of market share, and the annual growth rate of 20%.
A surge in demand for high power fiber laser. Laser cutting and welding, 3D printing, glass cutting and laser cleaning application-driven laser materials processing applications to maintain annual growth of 18%. High power fiber lasers for 22% growth. At present, about 30% of the laser is fiber lasers and fiber laser industry continued to occupy the traditional lasers in manufacturing's share, especially for cutting and welding applications. Compared to conventional laser, fiber laser improves the versatility, reduced energy consumption, reduced operation and maintenance costs.
At present, the largest market for fiber laser applications in kW and above, two-dimensional sheet metal cutting is the main application kilowatt fiber lasers, high power cutting machines in the country every year, nearly 2000 units of the needs of the market. High power laser welding and other applications, the market potential is greater.