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Analysis: Whether does the development of ultrafast fiber laser technology meet the future of manufacturing?
- May 19, 2016 -

Analysis: Whether does the development of ultrafast fiber laser technology meet the future of manufacturing?
Laser technology has played an important role in the German economy, the global sales of 40% and 20% of the laser light source material processing systems from Germany. For lasers used in manufacturing, and German companies are in the forefront.  

In order to maintain and consolidate these advantages, the German federal education and research institutions (BMBF) set up a digital photon production (DPP) research base and to fund 2 million euros per year, for 15 years of continuous funding. RWTH Aachen, Fraunhofer Hoff Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) in conjunction with other business cooperation Femto photonic products for the joint research project ultrafast lasers used in materials processing foundation.

DPP research base to establish long-term cooperation model university system and Frau Hoff and 28 partners from business between. The goal is to share resources for the application of basic research. As to the specific content, DPP study focused on the use of lasers as a base research new methods and new tools for basic physical effects, in particular relating to the future, such as energy, health, security, information and communication technologies.

RWTH Aachen, Fraunhofer Hoff Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) combined with three other projects of enterprises: Novel VCSEL source nanophotonic products; additional manufacturing method for the further development of direct photons products; and Femto photon major products goal is to further the development of ultrafast laser manufacturing method.

Femto photonic products project started in October 2014, is expected to last five years, led by RWTH Aachen University, the goal is to better understand the basic science of modern materials processing involved. Research focused on electronic material having a larger band gap, in other words, having high transparency material, such as glass, sapphire and diamond.

Ultrafast lasers generate a representative of the new features in the material or device optical processing system, however, the basic process of interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with transparent material between the absorption effect is still not fully understood it. Many kinds of materials and related future applications of this research project, are transparent, which means that only the use of complex laser processing technology to them. Core joint project is the basis for scientific analysis, simulation, and elaborate laser radiation transparent material interaction.

On the basis of the results of these studies, various types of lasers, together with optimal performance parameters correction optical system solutions together with all relevant material decide the level of the final joint assessment of the project based on the experimental results and the business partner. One of the goals of these projects is to make the laser processing of electronic devices has become a viable option to display modern LEDs, and power transistors.