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Anshan Mayor Zhao Aijun And His Entourage Investigated The Anshan MAX Laser
- Jan 30, 2016 -

Anshan Mayor Zhao Aijun and his entourage investigated the Anshan MAX laser

Recently, vice governor of Liaoning Province and Anshan Mayor Zhao AiJun visited Anshan Maxphotonics laser. During this period, Anshan MAX as one of the two companies sold billion dollars in Liaoning Laser Industry Park ,the Deputy General Manager Dang Jiantang warmly received the Vice Governor Jiang and Mayor Zhao and detailed introduced development operation and market prospects of Maxphotonics.

Anshan Maxphotonics Laser company was established in April 2013. It is a research and development, production and sales base which is wholly-owned by Shenzhen MAX laser to open the northern market. Solid comprehensive strength to create MAX laser production scale with an annual output of several hundred million RMB , that is expected in the next few years, Shenzhen Maxphotonics laser products occupy the domestic fiber laser market share will continue to increase.

Then, accompanied by Mr. Dong Jiantang, the vice governor and his party visited the company's R & D and production workshop, inspected the enterprise's production environment. Company employees dedicated work attitude, and clean and dust-free working environment so that the vice governor impressed, and placed great expectations to MAX laser the development and continuous growth, hoping Anshan MAX laser to maintain the concept of laser product is the character, agglomerate mental efforts, and keep the momentum of rapid development, go better in the continuous development to contribute to the development of the laser industry and Liaoning laser industry.

It is reported that in 2015, Anshan MAX fiber laser production reached 12,000 units, the value up to 150 million RMB. With this impressive report card, Anshan max laser won award-winning style award in the recent laser industrial park in Liaoning Province, which is a great positive recognition and encouragement to Anshan. Mr. Jiang Feng, Chairman of Maxphotonics Laser, took the honor as the representative and said that MAX Laser will invest more energy and capital to make Anshan MAX laser bigger and stronger, contributing its own modest power to Anshan and Liaoning's industrial transformation.