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Anti-laser jammers make good UAVs fly in the sky
- Oct 09, 2016 -

Anti-laser jammers make good UAVs fly in the sky

Aircraft and helicopters can be reported by the driver to the air traffic control center of their flight, even if the driver does not timely reporting, the aircraft is large enough, it is easy to detect by radar, and therefore always under surveillance. But in the commercial and UAV enthusiasts, driven over the city it has been more and more UAVs, radar systems are not a good way for them to track supervision.
"Air Dragnet" Let harmony UAV flight

 For UAVs the new things, has not yet developed a system to send their location to the traffic control center, even if the design of such a system can not guarantee that all UAVs can be observed. Now, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to change this situation.

DARPA on September 14 announced a new project, called "air search network." DARPA said the notice issued, air search network project will seek innovative technology to provide long-term, large-scale control of large cities UAV flight at 1000 feet below, air search network is mainly to protect against foreign military drone attacks , but the ultimate goal is to protect the American mega-cities residents in civilian areas against the threat of terrorist use of terror drones implementation.

NASA has tested this year in self-developed UAV air traffic control systems (UTM), to allow a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles in the air at the same time, it will not collide with other UAVs and helicopter. UTM allows the operator to enter UAV flight plan and verify the flight plan when it conflicts with other UAVs, the system will reject the request for flight.

DARPA said in a statement,Now the protection of large airplane tracking tools and the application of software has been very successful, but low-flying UAV is more difficult challenges, these tools can not meet the demand.

DARPA wants to map out all theunmanned aerial vehicles in the air, especially unmanned, hostile theater UAVs. To track unmanned aerial vehicles over the city, DARPA wants every UAV in the search network to act as a supervisory node, ready to provide a range of unmanned aircraft in its vicinity, regardless of whether the UAV is tethered somewhere Pause or flight is to be counted into the network. DARPA wants to use the existing sensors and affordable low-cost hardware to build the monitoring network, and plans to meet on September 26, listen to the views of stakeholders on this project.

Anti-laser jammers sustainable conservation drone

UAV upcoming assembly's first laser devices, and these devices are not used to attack enemy targets, but to check that they are trying to enemy laser shot down from the air. Gradually entering the field of laser arms race. As more and more countries military equipment, high-energy laser weapons, new military defense system has become an urgent need. Now, to protect anti-UAV laser jammers Helios into our field of vision, unmanned aerial vehicles and other weapons to protet if from enemy attack.

UAVs themselves very vulnerable to new car or a handheld laser device on the ground, because there is no pilot, when the laser destroyed the aircraft's optical system, no opportunity is easy to lose sense of direction, and finally falling down from the sky.

California specializing in cutting-edge technology power systems and optical systems company Adsys Controls to develop this anti-laser jammers, CEO Bu Ruian? Goldberg and no external detail how it works, and many details have no way of knowing. But the main idea is to be able to detect a laser beam shot over soon and identify the laser beam energy, wavelength, pulse and other key characteristics and origin, and then in turn emits a low-energy laser laser weapons to the enemy to enemy interference control system of the laser.

Reflected return light to look very much like the original target near the laser, it can deceive the enemy lasers so that they hit the target drone mistakenly thought to have, in fact, there are several meters away from the target laser. "Compared with short-off signal, it can be tracked on the subsequent formation dynamics of laser continuous protection, but now is not the time to buy it." Goldberg said.

But this anti-laser jammer "trick" was much contested. Skeptics believe that if the enemy lasers can like it captures the characteristics of laser jammers, anti-laser jammers would not be "helpless"?