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Atmospheric Laser Communication: Fried Continuous Lines
- May 15, 2013 -

Atmospheric laser communication is based on the atmospheric laser communication medium for the transmission. It has "two is not afraid": not afraid listen and interference. Due to extremely high frequency, the beam is very fine, directional sound (of which shot which), so today's telephone equipment could not listen, more difficult to intercept and jamming with electromagnetic waves. Sky the changes and disturbances in the ionosphere, auroras flashing over the Earth's poles on the impact it has is very small and like a car running on two tracks, noninterference, its communication stability and voice quality is good. II is not afraid of radiation. General radio communication in the nuclear weapon explosion moments to break for a while, but laser communications from its victims, this is because of strong electromagnetic pulse produced by nuclear explosions, and is not laser frequency is high, so he can't interfere with the laser. Meanwhile, the strong radiation produced by nuclear explosions, is incoherent, even though energy is very strong, but lack of concentration, to spread in all directions, even if drilling laser receivers, compared to its strength will be minimal, in addition to increased noise, no other effect. No wonder people said air traffic was bombed constantly "line" and "death" of nuclear weapons.

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