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China International Industry Fair
- Oct 27, 2016 -

China International Industry Fair


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China CCPIT Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Exhibition Overview

The 18th China International Industry Fair CNC machine tools and metalworking exhibition (MWCS2016) will be grandly held at the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai) November 2016 1-5. MWCS2015, exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, professional audience of 136,598 passengers, an increase of 20% and 13%, respectively; the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors this exhibition of more than 95%. MWCS its ever-increasing effect of exhibitors, a wide range of industry participation and over three percent in the proportion of overseas exhibitors, has become one of the metalworking professional exhibition China's most influential. Is also recognized by the majority of exhibitors boot the machine advances in technology, leading the development of an important carrier industry. MWCS2016 again brought together over 600 exhibitors from more than 20 countries around the world, with 80,000 square meters of exhibition scale, to more than 130,000 professionals in today's metal processing industry showcase the latest equipment and advanced technology.