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China 's Ministry Of Industry And Information Technology Leaders Visit Maxphotonics Laser Company
- Sep 09, 2015 -

September 9, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,  inspector of electronic information Hu Yan, the director of Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology intellectual property Center, Zhao Tianwu,  and deputy director Wang Haibo with his team with full interest to visit MAX laser.

Since 2011, MAX laser have realized the explosive growth as an annual increase of three times, especially pulse fiber lasers sale best in the domestic market. Inspector Hu Yan carefully listened to the growth of MAX laser, fully affirmed the achievements of the Max laser, MAX laser based industrial policy will be strong support; at the same time, the country's industrial policy also hopes to be practicable at the key important of independent research and development, vertical integration, to promote healthy and healthy development of the industry.

MAX laser in the process of researching new products, continue to strengthen their intellectual property protection, has formed a relatively complete system of intangible assets framework. For example, Maxphotonics laser has been gained 79 authorized patents,15 software copyright . According to Zhao Tianwu, Director of IPR Center: According to the technical characteristics of fiber lasers, Maxphotonics Laser will study the relevant standards in depth. Secondly, IPR Center will guide and support MAX laser the creation of intellectual property rights and industry standards in accordance with the national industrial policies.

Maxphotonics laser understand the ardent hope of Inspector Hu Yan and director Zhao Tianwu, that much firmed our companys mission of"science Pratt & Whitney public", and determined that Innovation-driven development, to make the power country dream of science and technology come true.