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Classification Of Fiber Lasers
- Jul 01, 2013 -

(1) according to the gain medium category:
Fiber lasers doped with rare earth ions (Nd3+, and Er3+. Yb3+, Tm3+, etc, and matrix is quartz glass, glass, zirconium fluoride single crystal).
Nonlinear effect of optical fiber laser (optical fiber in the SRS, SBS nonlinear effect of wavelength tunable laser). Different rare earth ions doped in the fiber, and uses the appropriate pump technology, you can get different wavelengths of the laser output.
(2) classified by resonator:
F-p cavity, ring, ring reflector optical Resonators, as well as "8"-shaped cavity DBR lasers, DFB Fibre lasers.
(3) press the fiber structure of category:
Single-and double-clad fiber lasers, special fiber laser, Photonic Crystal fiber laser.
(4) classified by output type:
CW fiber laser. Ultrashort pulsed fiber lasers, high power fiber laser.
(5) classified by wavelength:
S band (1460~1530 nm) and c-band (1530~1565 nm) and l-band (1565 1610 nm).