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Comparative analysis of the fiber laser and other laser
- Jan 23, 2016 -

Comparative analysis of the fiber laser and other laser

Application of science and technology for human capacity rising, before unthinkable so many things become possible, particularly fiber laser applications, changing the pace of development of the industry, accuracy and quality. Laser transmitter and plays an important role in equipment, instrumentation and industrial automation. This chapter will briefly introduce the difference between various types of laser and fiber, you choose for reference. 

In short, their different dielectric materials emit laser light. Fiber laser gain medium used in an optical fiber, using a semiconductor laser gain medium is a semiconductor material, typically gallium arsenide, indium gallium Shen and so on. (Similarly, solid-state laser gain medium is generally a crystal or a glass, ceramics and other gas is helium neon, carbon dioxide, etc.) is a semiconductor laser emitting mechanism particles between the conduction band and the valence band to produce photons, because it is a semiconductor, so you can use electrical excitation, direct electro-optical conversion. The optical fiber can not be implemented directly optical conversion, need light to pump the gain medium (usually with a laser diode-pumped), which implements the optical conversion.

Fiber lasers has good good heat dissipation. Can be air cooled, The semiconductor laser affected by temperature is very large, when the power is larger, the need water cooled.

Distinction features of fiber lasers and solid-state lasers
Fiber laser, compact, stable performance, less susceptible to outside interference, easy operation, maintenance, poor beam quality, poor noise ratio, high peak power is difficult to do.

Solid-state lasers, bulky, vulnerable to external vibration, temperature changes and other factors interference, poor stability, difficult to maintain, and maintenance costs are high, but can be very high peak output power, beam quality, signal to noise ratio. 

The difference between fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers

Fiber laser is one of laser. fiber lasers is to use laser medium as laser. 

Fiber lasers have many advantages such as simple structure, good heat dissipation, high conversion efficiency, low cost, easy to manufacture, and the operating wavelength of the current and the future is particularly important for certain applications, such as optical communications, material processing, medical, sensors and spectra science and other areas of economic and social development has played a huge role in promoting.

Difference between femtosecond fiber lasers and femtosecond pulsed lasers
Femtosecond fiber lasers are fiber-based body, including fiber made of the gain medium, the resonator mode-locked fiber formed, etc., manufactured by femtosecond pulsed lasers.

Femtosecond pulsed laser means all lasers capable of generating femtosecond laser pulses, femtosecond fiber lasers including, femtosecond laser, Q-switched laser femtosecond, and the like.