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Composition structure of fiber laser
- Mar 27, 2016 -

Composition structure of fiber laser

Lasers generally consists of three parts

1.Laser working medium: laser generation must select the appropriate working medium can be a gas, liquid, solid or semiconductor. In this medium can achieve population inversion, in order to create the necessary conditions to obtain the laser light. Obviously the existence of metastable level, to achieve population inversion reincarnation very favorable. Existing work nearly a thousand kinds of media, including laser wavelength can be generated from the vacuum ultraviolet infrared long road, a very wide range. However, the performance of the laser output of the laser to consider the work of the substance use is a certain requirements.The basic requirements are (1) a uniform optical properties, good optical transparency, and stable line performance; (2) have a relatively long life expectancy level level (called metastable level); (3) a relatively high quantum efficiency .

2. Pump source : In order to make the working medium inversion, we must use some method to motivate atomic system so that the number of particles in the upper level of increase appeared. Generally have to take advantage of the kinetic energy of an electron to excite atoms media, called electrically excited gas discharge methods; pulsed light source can also be used to illuminate the working medium, known as excitation light; there is thermal excitation, chemical and other incentives. Various incentives be visualized called pumping or pumping. In order to continue to obtain the laser output, we must continue to "pump" in order to maintain the number of particles in the upper level than the lower level.

3 .Resonator: With the right material and the work of the pump source, you can achieve population inversion, stimulated emission but thus generated strength is weak, unable to practice. So people think of amplifying optical resonator. The so-called optical resonator, is actually at both ends of the laser, mounted on the face of two high reflectivity mirrors. An almost total reflection, a majority of the light is reflected out a small amount of transmission, so that through this mirror and the laser-emitted. The light is reflected back into the working medium, continue to rise to new stimulated emission, the light is amplified. Therefore, the light in the resonator oscillate back and forth, causing a chain reaction to get an avalanche of amplification, a strong laser output from partially reflecting mirror at one end.

Laser technology as a new science and technology has broad application prospects. Fast, accurate is its biggest advantage, not only to the laser marking on precision instruments, you can also quickly cut to the carpet. Laser machine contributed in the modern industrial business. Promote the rapid development of industry. Laser light into people's lives but also accelerated the progress of human society. Laser pace of development is still very strong, it will be for us to make a greater contribution and we need to study it more deeply. Current laser technology is not very mature, there is still much room for improvement. China's current laser technology and the international advanced level there is a gap, so in this respect more laser technology development efforts. China fiber laser industry, ushered in new opportunities for fast development in recent years, Xin laser, fiber laser research has been focused for decades.

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