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Development Trend Of Double-clad Fiber Lasers
- May 20, 2013 -

Double package layer fiber laser is new fiber laser development of representative, it of advantages is not need will pump Pu energy directly OU collection to die field diameter relative smaller of fiber in the to, it can used low cost of, big die field (more die) high power of semiconductor laser device as pump Pu source. because this advantage, in recent years, double package layer fiber laser research by has great of concern.
At present, the double-clad fiber laser with its incomparable advantages the other lasers, optical communication network and fiber optic sensing two areas reflecting strong advantages and rapidly expanding to other laser applications. In order to get better in all areas of application and development, industrialization and the industrialization of double-clad fiber lasers ultra-fast, single frequency, super high average power, continuous, such direction, further increase its output power to widen the wavelength tunable range and maximum range are also important research directions.
Now, a single double-clad fiber have achieved order of kW CW output power, maintain the same beam quality in bad condition greatly enhance the output power of double clad fiber laser and its stability is the development of double cladding fiber laser research content. Limit the output power of double clad fiber is the major factor pumping power and pump coupling double-clad optical fiber performance parameters of the design, with large-mode-area fiber-optic technology and development of high power pump, single double cladding fiber laser output power level is expected to amount to Wan Wa developments, so as to further expand the market.
From the application point of view, in many applications, the continuous work of double-clad fiber lasers can provide lower power density, cannot meet the actual requirements in these applications the high average power and high peak power pulsed double cladding fiber lasers can meet the application requirements, is the direction of development of double cladding fiber laser. Its achieved method General has three species: (1) adjustable Q double package layer fiber laser: using fiber in the of by stress cloth in Yuan scattering (SBS) to achieved pulse laser output; (2) lock die double package layer fiber laser: using fiber in the nonlinear polarization rotating, used ring cavity institutions achieved pulse lock die of laser output; (3) based on seed laser oscillation zoom (MOPA) of pulse double package layer fiber laser: used high beam quality of small power laser device as seed light, and double package layer fiber as zoom device. Third way is the realization of narrow LineWidth, picosecond and femtosecond pulse lasers and high power amplification system is a focus of current research. In some applications, pulse Q mode double-clad fiber lasers are powerful opponents of diode pumped solid state lasers, has a bright prospect.
In addition, the coherent beam combining of fiber laser technology to replace conventional beam is a developing trend in double-clad fiber lasers. Coherent beam combining technology enables multiple high power double-clad fiber laser with output coupling between beam, lifting total output power at the same time, overcome the beam quality of conventional beam mode variation, improve the brightness of the shortcomings, is a promising direction.