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Domestic Fiber Laser Development Trend
- Jun 08, 2013 -

1. domestic fiber laser power is increasing.
2. domestic fiber lasers is expected to 60% of China's market share in two years.
3. will continue to improve the quality of domestic fiber lasers--which is decided by the fierce competition, bad ones will be eliminated by the market.
4. with the expansion of markets, investment, domestic development and production of key parts and components (including gain and pumping source) as well as applications for patents will be intensified, and with the increase of independently developed closed parts, costs will be further controlled. This is the key to finally win in the market.
5. can the laser manufacturers unite to develop a conducive to healthy competition and market rules and the consensus of the industry, is a fiber laser market, especially high power fiber laser market, does not fall into another market, is the key to competition.
6. Government support will also increase. But there should be changes in the way. Countries must start from a macro-level, organization and coordination of a single company or does not have a quick solution, large, difficult technical and technological research projects.
7. non-1 μ m wavelength fiber laser applications, and applications of picosecond and femtosecond fiber lasers, will be further developed. Fiber Laser micromachining applications will become another highlight.
8. from fiber lasers impact carbon dioxide laser and disc lasers through improved products, in turn, to the fiber-optic shocks. Their cost and reliability have to be changed, cannot be ignored.
9. a new generation of Semiconductor Laser, due to the continuous improvement of its brightness, already in brazing, cladding and surface treatment of fibre laser has formed a lot of market pressure. According to current information to determine, using semiconductor lasers to direct cutting sheet metal, it shouldn't be too far away. Challenge of next-generation semiconductor lasers fiber lasers, will be a similar change of fiber laser alternative to carbon dioxide laser.