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- Oct 27, 2016 -

2016 London International Exhibition of Energy Saving and Green Building 


British environmental association 

Exhibition Overview

British International New Energy and Green Building Exhibition (Ecobuild), launched in 2005, an annual, has now grown into the world's largest new energy and green building exhibition, to attract the attention of Europe and the world of new energy industries and enterprises. The main construction industry showcase the latest materials, products, and the most advanced technologies and techniques, with its emphasis on green energy showcase new energy use and to promote the development of green building products. 

Ecobuild received support and sponsorship of the British Government and the British Green Building Association and more than 200 media organizations. Exhibition has exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions in the United States, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, China, attracted more than 43,542 professional buyers. 

Ecobuild is the world's largest new energy architecture exhibition, about 1300 or more trading companies and factories participating, the main products to provide new buildings, residential or commercial buildings green products, new energy products, attracting more than 55,000 spectators . Exhibition area of over 60,000 square meters.