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European laser experts are searching for extraterrestrial signals sent by laser
- Aug 23, 2013 -

European laser experts are searching for extraterrestrial signals sent by laser
Laser scientists from Vienna University of Technology is part of the distant universe to find a weak but repeated light signal, a signal hope to identify those aliens sent.

The researchers said, will become very weak even when the aliens to send a high energy laser signal to reach Earth.

As the laser signal can be transmitted through the furthest distance, so it has long been considered a potential means for extraterrestrial contact. Although astronomers in the past hundreds of thousands of stars in the search for a signal, but does not identify any signs of life. These previous studies are trying to intercept the obvious artificial lighting. In contrast, Walter Leeb and colleagues used method is to search for those laser signal quite weak but occur periodically over a period of time. Researchers are developing technology that can detect a single photon signals per second is entered and the number of parts per billion.

Professor Leeb said: "We assume that the aliens use the easiest way to get our attention, people from ancient times has been used in the maritime industry, that is, regular light pulses & rdquo; like lighting model is almost impossible to come from. in natural light, and can be distinguished from those of the pulsar, the pulsar at a lower frequency transmit flash .Leeb professor explained, this method is very meaningful, because the aliens most likely to use that can not easily be mistaken for a Star . wavelengths, he added:. & ldquo; even at very high laser energy transmitted reaches the Earth will become blurred because of long-range transport and we are designing a detection system for detecting the unknown but likely to be very weak optical signal, this is indeed a difficult task. "

The researchers have tested their method that they simulated 10,000 times the infrared light 500 light years away aliens sent. Professor Leeb stressed that the fact that his team has not received the kind of signal, but the technology will have the opportunity to confirm that we are not alone. Felix Hormouth Germany Max Kaplan Cameroon astronomical bodies stated: "This study provides us with a very clear, reasonable and technically feasible search for alien signals this method is not science fiction, but this bold and reasonable manner. both fascinating and very real."