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Forecast fiber laser cutting instead 80% plasma cutting machine of the market in 2020
- Jan 29, 2016 -

Forecast fiber laser cutting instead 80% plasma cutting machine of the market in 2020

In recent years, China's manufacturing industry undergoing tremendous change, the fast pace of development. In particular, the development of laser cutting machine for industrial manufacturing industry to increase a lot of color. The vigorous development of the industry, the domestic industry matures and laser applications in various industry sectors. Fiber laser technology matures to the entire industrial sector has brought great opportunities. In the optical fiber cutting accuracy, precision have reached the advanced level.

Plasma cutting machine, in large part, is to replace the high-end fiber-optic laser cutting metal cutting machine and the application of the birth of the machine. Basically, the effect will be relative to the laser cutting machine to cut out the effect of almost, this is inevitable, and it is a machine used for low-end market.

Compare Fiber laser cutting machine with plasma cutting

The main difference between laser cutting and plasma cutting, cutting thickness, cutting the difference between operating costs. Plasma cutting advantages is the ability to cut the slab, and low prices, but cut prices rough surface. Laser cutting surface is smooth, high precision cutting, plasma cutting prices relatively expensive. Disadvantages such as plasma cutting is cutting a large gap, probably in about 3MM. Etc. The most important part is the power plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine in fact corresponds to a laser, plasma power consumption is relatively large.

Plasma cutting machine is a thermal cutting equipment, mainly works as the main compressed air, high temperature and high plasma arc as heat source will be cut partial melting of metal, while high-speed airflow to blow away the melted metal, forming a narrow slit. Plasma cutting machine can cut stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and fast cutting speed, narrow kerf, cut flat. Plasma cutting machines are generally used for machinery, construction metal structures, installation and maintenance.

Laser cutting machine is a high-density surface using a high power laser beam scanning material in a very short period of time the material can be heated to several thousand or even a million degrees Celsius, the material can be melted or vaporized, and then high-pressure gas or molten other material blown away from the cut seam. Laser cutting use of invisible light beams instead of the traditional mechanical knife, laser cutting speed, cut smooth, generally does not require post-processing, cut less affected by heat, plate deformation.
Difference of cutting precision difference, the plasma can be achieved within 1mm, and laser cutting precision can reach less than 0.22mm. Cost by plasma cutting machine cheaper than laser cutting machine, precision machining, the rough equivalent of plasma cutting, laser cutting, precision machining equivalent.

On that: the difference from the above point of view, is now the main factor is the cost constraints of the problem instead of laser cutting machine plasma cutting machine, and now the local fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers increasing, updated continuously improve the speed of technological, industrial equipment also rising. Only laser cutting equipment to reach the degree of acceptance in terms of cost, than expected plasma cutting laser cutting machine replaced.