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Four Reasons WHY Users Choose Fiber Lasers
- Mar 09, 2018 -

As compared with other lasers, fiber lasers have obvious technical advantages and have a wide range of applications. At present, fiber lasers are gradually replacing traditional lasers in laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting and other applications.

More and more companies are buying and using fiber lasers. From the electronics industry to automobiles, aviation, and medical care, various industries are very optimistic about this new technology and have purchased equipment. The application technology of fiber lasers has become more and more mature.


There are main advantages as follows for users.

1. High speed and efficiency.

For example: Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

In the same range of laser wavelength,semiconductor laser-pumped solid Nd: YAG lasers the frequency typically less than 50K, while fiber lasers has relatively high frequency up to 2000K, which is the fastest for marking.The marking time can less than 1s especially in some paticular applications. The laser beam under control of computer can move at very high speed (Maxphotonics MFP Q-switched fiber laser, compatible with scanning galvanometer, marking speed can reach to 12000mm/s),

marking process can be finished within seconds,which is significant Increase productivity.

Maxphotonics MFP Q-switched fiber laser series

MFP series fiber laser developed by Maxphotonics, which is the pulsed fiber laser with high efficiency, high relability, , high performance. 1064nm wavelength range, compace structure, compact size; photoelectric conversion rate >25%; fast modulation response, maintenance-free operation; long life time. It is an ideal laser source for laser marking, laser deep carving and other applications. The design of the product takes full account of safety. Easy to operate, automatically adapt to user requirements, overall maintenance-free, can be directly integrated into the user equipment. Can meet most of the plastic marking, all metal marking, deep carving , surface cleaning, high-precision thin plate cutting, drilling and other applications.


2. High energy effeciency, low cost.

The traditional fiber laser such as CO2, the photoelectric conversion rate is only about 10%. While the energy consumption of fiber laser is very low, that due to the low energy loss during the transmission of light in fiber, On the other hand, fiber-optic lasers have a photoelectric conversion rate of more than 25%, thereby significantly reducing energy loss. Compare to diode pump laser, the power consumeof fiber laser far less than diode-pumped lasers',while the efficiency is more than 2 times that of semiconductor laser-pumped solid Nd:YAG lasers. and fiber laser has simpler structure and more compact, small size, good beam quality, high reliability and stability. which can reduce the loss of raw materials. For customers with diverse needs and need to use flexibly, it is most suitable.


3. Longer lifetime

The lifetime of the diode module inside the fiber laser is longer than that of the lamp pump module. The theoretical life of the fiber laser can reach 100,000 hours. This kind of life can be said to be quite long.

4. Easy to maintain.

Fiber lasers have the advantages of no-adjustment, maintenance-free, and high-stability because their resonant cavity is also an optical fiber. Can work in a relatively harsh working environment, has a high degree of tolerance to dust, shocks, shock, humidity, and temperature, and basically does not require professional maintenance, low maintenance costs, is very convenient for users.

Fiber lasers have such a significant advantage that their applications will be more extensive and they will surely glow in more areas in the future.