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Good News: Anshan Maxphotonics Laser Won The Award-winning Style And Strive To Award
- Feb 12, 2015 -

Good News: Anshan Maxphotonics laser won the award-winning style and strive to award

Two years ago, Anshan Maxphotonics Laser Technology Co., Ltd. was established, it is the Northeast R & D, production and sales base of MAX laser.

At the beginning of last year, Anshan MAX laser officially put into operation, to be the first laser production and research and development enterprises of MAX laser industrial park.

Today, Anshan MAX laser developing in full swing, the annual output of fiber laser in 2014 reached 4888 units, and by virtue of a solid comprehensive strength in the Anshan Laser Park, the recognition of the General Assembly won the award-winning style and work hard to award, which is Anshan MAX Laser is certainly a great affirmation and motivation.

Anshan MAX laser with an annual output of several hundred million yuan production scale in the next few years, Anshan MAX laser will continue to expand domestic and foreign market share. In the future development, Anshan MAX laser will, as always, to science and technology Pratt & Whitney public mission, shoulder to shoulder with the Shenzhen headquarters, China's outstanding representatives of the laser, a world-class laser manufacturers.