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Good News! Maxphotonics Laser Won The Honor Of Independent Innovation Top 100 Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Shenzhen
- Apr 28, 2015 -

In the afternoon of April 23, by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shenzhen SME Development Association, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone newspaper co-sponsored the "Peoples innovation, dreams of the city", Shenzhen fourth independent innovation hundred small and medium enterprises, Shenzhen ten Good business success of SMEs Award "held in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel, Mayor Xu Qin, City leaders Jiang Yuyang, Zhang Xiaomin, the old leadership, the city SME Development Association, Wang Shunsheng participated in this event. One of Founder of Mr. Hu Xiaobo on behalf of Maxphotonics Laser attended the awards ceremony.

Mayor Xu made an important speech at the meeting, hoping the city's large and medium-sized enterprises, as Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen standard the benchmark to enhance the quality of action to create the brand, establish credibility, expand the market; strive for innovation-driven development practice , And continuously improve the capability of independent innovation and enhance the endogenous power and core competitiveness; striving to be the forerunner of industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively implement the Chinese manufacturing 2025, Internet + other action plans to seize the opportunity to greater efforts to promote enterprise restructuring and development , Cross-border integration. This award ceremony specially held for the "independent innovation hundred small and medium-sized enterprise selection", after more than a year, the successful conclusion of the selection activities. Shenzhen Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd., as one of the most powerful companies in the domestic laser industry, won this honor, which demonstrates the charm of independent innovation enterprises and sets a new benchmark for independent innovation of the industry.

Award Winning a hundred enterprises, are in the independent innovation with outstanding achievements in the enterprise, involving various fields, all walks of life, Maxphotonics laser is the leader in the road of independent innovation and development in laser industry, 10 years to adhere to independent innovation, continuously Innovation. Aiming at the goal of high-tech, international, and first-class laser suppliers, the company's vision is to maintain continuous technological innovation, a more rational market layout, and an ever-accelerating pace of internationalization.

In terms of technological innovation, Maxphotonics Laser has already developed more high-power, more energy and more accurate fiber lasers. In the future, we will research and develop more suitable laser products for the market needs.

In the market layout, Maxphotonics laser on the one hand will continue to open up the domestic market, make the layout of South China, East China, North China. While in the steady deep plowing the domestic market, the international laser layout has been for three years, with its own intellectual property rights of fiber lasers and devices already sold to the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany and other parts of the world. In the future, Maxphotonics laser will make greater efforts to open up the international market.