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Great significance to promote the CNC fiber laser cutting applications
- Mar 13, 2016 -

Great significance to promote the CNC fiber laser cutting applications

In high power CNC cutting equipment development and manufacture of fiber laser, after many years of development, China's fiber laser cutting technology and equipment from scratch, has gradually formed a certain scale of the industry. China CNC cutting machine manufacturing industry has taken shape in the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta region as the core industry in space, northeast, central Hunan, Jiangxi and the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta in South China's central and western regions also showed significant industrial clustering feature. As the center of global manufacturing transfer to China, China's CNC fiber laser cutting equipment market demand annual growth rate of over 50%, CNC fiber laser cutting technology for its flexibility and more flexibility in the field of sheet metal processing gradually replaced traditional processing means.

For the automotive, marine, aviation, aerospace, steel, energy and other industries equipment needed fiber laser cutting equipment, capturing large-format high-precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine bed design, based on high-speed cutting of linear motor drive systems and related motion, based on 5-axis three-dimensional laser cutting technology, high power beam delivery technology, software CNC cutting, plate laser cutting technology and other technical problems, to solve the high-power lasers, laser transmission control, precision machine tools, numerical control systems and other core technology, the development of high-speed precision laser cutting machines, large format slab laser cutting machine, three-dimensional CNC laser cutting machine, laser cutting nonferrous metals used in aerospace and other high-performance laser cutting systems, to break the foreign manufacturers in the field of monopoly, import substitution, save foreign exchange reserves to meet the domestic market demand, and actively promote the rapid and healthy development of key equipment manufacturing industry has an important significance.

At present, foreign fiber laser drilling is mainly used in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, and chemical industries. The rapid development of laser drilling, mainly in Punch Max laser average output power five years ago, has been increased to 800w 400w to 1000w. Punch peak power of up to 30 ~ 50kw, Punch and more narrow pulse width, repetition frequency is getting higher and higher, to improve the laser output parameters, greatly improve the quality of drilling, improved drilling speed, expanding the scope of application of drilling. China is currently more mature laser drilling applications in synthetic diamond and natural diamond Drawing Die production of jewels and watches production.
In addition, laser cutting technology development and drives the extension and development of related industrial chain, and vigorously promote high-power lasers, optical components, light guide system, control system, electrical control system, precision machining, precision instruments, electronic components, technological progress and industrial upgrading computer software and other upstream industrial chain. In short: As China's leading brand of fiber laser laser Xin, is a professional research and development of fiber lasers and its core components, production and sales as one of the leading international laser manufacturers, but also the first realization of lasers, optical passive two class localization of core technologies and vertical integration of high-tech enterprises. Market share ahead!