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Industrial 4.0 era ---- intelligent industrial stage
- Dec 24, 2014 -

Industrial 4.0 era ---- intelligent industrial stage

Under the background of "Industry 4.0", the application of industrial robots is quietly turning point. According to statistics, in 2013, China's industrial robot sales reached more than 30,000 units, an increase of 60%, has surpassed Japan to become the world's first robot power. In the field of laser robot applications more influential. We will change the past defects in the process.

There are insiders, "today's young people do not want to engage in simple repetitive labor, machines to replace manual will become an important trend in the future development." Repetitive precision industrial robot production characteristics, manufacturing scale to adapt to production requirements, assembly production line instead of doing the job, not only lifted the complicated labor workers, and improve the quality of production. It can flow operations, meet the individual production requirements.

Currently in the automotive industry, laser welding robot has become the most advanced manufacturing technology, it has been applied widely. Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota and other auto assembly line, has been extensive use of laser welding robot to replace the traditional resistance spot welding equipment, not only improve the product quality and grades, and to reduce the vehicle body weight, saving a lot of material to enable enterprises to achieve high economic efficiency. In China, many car companies have introduced the robot laser processing.

Robot laser processing system is both flexible robot movement, high flexibility characteristics, but also having a laser processing speed fast, good quality, small heat-affected and other advantages, good to meet the requirements of modern manufacturing industry; at the same time three-dimensional laser cutting and welding robot not only technically meet the requirements of complex three-dimensional cutting and welding to help improve the quality of industrial products, but also reduce production costs and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

Automobile industry has been the most widely used industrial robots; now, robot manufacturers are trying to expand to other areas. Prior to the industrial robot main alternative heavy manual labor and complexity to resolve the issue of human work in harsh environments; and now turn to simple, repetitive, extensive use in the field of labor. Clearly the relevant departments have also noticed intelligence brought about changes in the manufacturing sector, the policy at the national level for intelligent manufacturing of continued overweight. In Chinese traditional manufacturing industry is facing the transformation and upgrading of intelligence background, laser processing robot into the era imperative.