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International Conference on the short wavelength light field focusing attosecond lasers and free-electron laser
- Jul 30, 2013 -

International Conference on the short wavelength light field focusing attosecond lasers and free-electron laser

Recently, Jilin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University jointly organized the second short wavelength light in the field of atomic and molecular processes (Intense field-Short Wavelength Atomic and Molecular Processes 2, ISWAMP-2) International Conference held in Xi'an.

ISWAMP meeting current focus in science and scientific research, cutting-edge technological breakthroughs more free electron laser generated, and the resulting occur under extreme conditions of new atomic and molecular processes in a faster attosecond laser. The meeting attracted nearly 70 scientists from 14 countries attended, including international top part ultrafast intense laser LCLS X-ray scientists and American free-electron laser, the German DESY X-ray free-electron laser FLASH and extreme ultraviolet free electron laser, Japan scientists Spring-8 free electron laser and free electron laser, Italy Fermi-class big science experiment apparatus. Director of the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Jilin University, Northeastern University, Ding Dajun Institute of Material Science of Japan Kiyoshi Ueda Multiple conference as co-chairman.

A second international scientific founder, NRC Canada Paul Corkum, Germany MPI's Artem Rudenko, Japan Spring-8 of Makina Yabashi other professors at the meeting of the General Assembly made a wonderful report. Meeting invitation contains a total of 23 reports, 52 poster presentations.

Conference received strong support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Jilin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and other units and departments. Meeting of attosecond science FEL field, and experts and scholars to provide an exchange of academic ideas and new achievements in the platform, but also for the research unit of our country provides an important opportunity to exchange and learning, promoting the development of related fields and international cooperation has played a good role.