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International standards of high-tech: where is the 3D Printing Industry going?
- Mar 02, 2016 -

International standards of high-tech: where is the 3D Printing Industry going?

In February 2013, US President Barack Obama in Washington issued a new term of the first State of the Union, in which the emphasis 3D printing technology, Obama called 3D printing industry is likely to subvert the new technology. Magazine "Global Science" Award 2012 Top Ten Technology News, 3D printing put into practical stage included, called 3D printing will lead to a revolution in the manufacturing and scientific fields. April 2013 British "Economist" published an article believes, 3D printing technology will work with other digital mode of production, promote the realization of the third industrial revolution. The well-known technology magazine "Connect" October issue will be "3D printer to change the world" as a cover story.

Since 3D printing technology in the world and set off a boom. 3D printing technology from the 19th century American sculpture and photographic research landscape molding technology, scholars referred to as "rapid prototyping technology." In 1986 American scientist Charles? Hu called Hurley in a liquid photosensitive resin material, invented the world's first 3D printer. Hull then this technology as the foundation established the world's first 3D printing equipment company 3D Systems, and sold the first commercial product in 1992. 3D technology in the 1990s experienced a wave of rapid development, now more and more global companies have set foot in 3D printing manufacturing, the world has produced two industry giants by Stratasys and 3D Systems.

3D printing is not the domestic industry started late in some areas has been walking in the world, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor TRANSACTIONS OF team made "large aircraft unitary member titanium complex laser forming technology" results, won the 2012 State Technological Invention First prize. Application of 3D printers in China is expanding rapidly, aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries are actively introduced. To this end, the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology is also actively drawing up a "national increase material manufacturing development promotion plan (2014- 2020)", and plans on policies and financial support for 3D printing industries. It is understood, Zhuhai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places have begun construction of 3D printing industrial park, and the focus of its development as an emerging industry. New technology to help domestic and foreign exchanges, will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center in April 2015 23-25, "China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair" (referred to as: the intersection), adhering to the "technology to make life more exciting, "the core concept of" innovation-driven development, the protection of intellectual property rights, promote technology trade "as its theme, the Ad Hoc 3D printing technology comprehensive exhibition, brought together representatives of domestic and foreign companies 3D printing, 3D printing technology at home and abroad to build a communication platform. 3D printing as the core component of the fiber laser technology continues to mature, high-power fiber lasers are also used in China to mature stage. China 3D printing technology to the development of China's industrial added vitality.

Global 3D printing giant Stratasys chairman of the Board of Directors, has a "Father of 3D printing," said Scott? Crump has said, optimistic about China's future in the 3D field, China is the leader, not the follower. To this end Stratasys will carry Idea Series, Design Series and Production Series high-end 3D printing products, participate in the "China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair" (referred to as: the intersection), showcasing FDM, PolyJet and WDM technology.

Currently 3D printing technology in the fields of art and design, automotive, aerospace, geographic information, military, medical and consumer electronics products have come in handy. It is reported by American design firm KOR Ecologic, manufacturers RedEyeOn Demand and digital 3D printing manufacturers Stratsys's first collaboration with a 3D print manufacturing fuel-efficient hybrid Urbee 2 will hit the road in 2015. And the team will be on the intersection of Tongji show China's first dual-motor drive electric cars distributed DRe14, widespread adoption of 3D printing parts and carbon fiber lightweight body. It is understood that the car 3D printing component totaling 362, about 30% of the total number of vehicle mechanical structure.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology, party secretary Miao Wei said recently: "According to State Department documents spirit, the Ministry has 3D printing to support it as a strategic industry, this technology represents manufacturing processing methods of major changes, has now reached the car, aerospace and other fields inevitable moment of cross-border cooperation, the depth of integration of cross-cutting technology will enable 3D printing in advancing manufacturing intelligent, efficient, collaborative, green development process play a great value, the Ministry will also actively play a guiding management functions, encourage 3D printing carried out in the automotive, aerospace and other fields of application and demonstration, promote extensive cooperation with the 3D printing industry, cross-cutting. " 3D printing technology in the field of well-known experts Bingheng have said, 3D printing technology as "a will to change the world of technology," is changing our traditional mode of production and way of life. 5-10 years, 3D printing will become the main way of product development. As applications continue to expand, it will become the tool for social innovation, so that everyone can be a creator, so as to support the development of an innovative society. At the same time, the current industrial transformation and upgrading and innovation needs to provide a better opportunity for development of technology and the development of 3D printing industry, will further enhance the "Made in China" competitiveness.

China 3D printing technology industry alliance director Luo Jun, 2013, the global 3D printing industry output value of over 30 billion US dollars, China is $ 300 million, this year's global 3D printing industry output value is expected to exceed $ 6 billion, China is expected to exceed 6 billion. 2016, the global 3D printing industry output value will exceed 10 billion US dollars, China will exceed 10 billion yuan. 2020, 3D printing technology will be fully realized industrialization.

3D printing as an emerging technology, has been widely used in the aerospace, defense industry, industrial design, construction, cultural and creative, biomedical and other fields. China is also the world's 3D printing field plays an important role, but the industry needs to develop more rational. Currently in the development of 3D printing industry in the process, there have been indiscriminate tendency speculation concepts. So how 3D printing technology development trend? 3D printing technology will be brought to the traditional manufacturing What are the challenges? How should China develop 3D printing industry? Held in Shanghai April 23 to 25, "China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair" (referred to as: the intersection), the domestic and foreign experts will discuss these issues with the audience, the future of 3D printing industry of dialysis road.